Thursday, September 24, 2009

History Must Not Be Distorted

Better late then never,as the saying goes.Sabah's Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) Woman's Wing despite the ignorance of the Barisan Nasional Government in undermining the actual date on the formation of Malaysia,will be organizing a Malaysia Day Luncheon cum Forum on the 27th.September.2009.Historically Malaysia was formed on the 16th.September.1963,together with the Federation of Malaya,Sabah and Sarawak.

Disclosing this was the Organizing Chairperson cum Deputy State PKR Wanita Chief of the event,Evelyn Gobile.Some 50 ladies comprising the various cabang chiefs from the wanita movement all over the state are expected to attend this inaugural event,which will be held at the Party's Headquarters in Budusan commencing at 10am.In addition,the Women movement are also taking this opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri with all it's members and invited guest.

The guest of honour and maiden speaker for this event is Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) National Vice President,Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan,who was also recently invited by the Selangor State Government to deliver a keynote address on Malaysia Day.

In reality,Sabahans and Sarawakians celebrated Malaysia Day this year with much disgust as the Barisan National Government with their 'misinformed politicians' have once again failed miserably in acknowledging historical facts.Malaysia is 46 years of age and not as ceremoniously acclaimed as 52 years by the UMNO/BN lead Government.Historical facts should never be distorted or ignored and for whatever denial syndrome or agenda the UMNO/BN lead government may have up their sleeves,this forum is poised to ensure that history must be corrected.

Dirgahayu Malaysia Dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Perutusan Eidul Fitri 1430H,Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Saya dan Azizah, mewakili keluarga, kepimpinan dan akar umbi KEADILAN seluruhnya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Eidulfitri 1430 Hijrah kepada semua sahabat handai, rakan taulan serta muslimin muslimat sekalian dengan lafaz Minal Eidin walfaizin wal maqbulin. Kemaafan dipohon daripada saudara/i seluruhnya di atas sebarang keterlanjuran kata dan perilaku.

Syawal tahun ini juga disambut dengan tekanan kos sara hidup yang tinggi.Penguncupan ekonomi bagi suku tahun ini amatlah membimbangkan, KDNK kekal mencatat peratusan rendah.Sudah tentu situasi ini membingungkan kita tatkala berbilion ringgit telahpun dibelanjakan. Sering saya ulangi pemerkasaan ekonomi tidak akan berjaya selagi mana kemajuan dan pembangunan didorong oleh nafsu serta tamak. Amalan memacu ekonomi negara harus difahami dengan pengertian yang lebih mendalam, tidak terhad sekadar dasar yang indah di permukaan tetapi bergelodak pelaksanaannya.

Syawal juga mengajar erti persepaduan dan muafakat disamping bulan untuk memacu amal ibadat. Sabda Rasulullah SAW:

“Hendaklah kamu bersungguh di Eidulfitri ini untuk melakukan sedekah dan segala bentuk kebaikan dan kebajikan seperti solat, zakat, bertasbih serta bertahlil kerana sesungguhnya hari ini adalah hari yang Allah SWT mengampunkan dosa-dosa kamu dan Allah SWT melihat kamu dengan rahmat.”

Justeru marilah kita menyambut penjelmaan Syawal dengan keinsafan, kesabaran dan kesederhanaan. Penyempurnaan ibadah Ramadhan seharusnya mampu mengangkat darjat ketaqwaan dan menggilap roh serta semangat perjuangan menegak yang hak dan keadilan serta menolak kezaliman dan kebathilan.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sabah Native Rights Eroded,No Thanks To Sabah Government?

Datuk Kong Hong Ming (left) today urged the State Government and Department of Lands & Surveys to give priority and act immediately to settle land ownership claimed by the natives of Sabah who are losing their ancestral land and land acquired by native customary rights (NCR) in stead of offering lip-service.

According to Kong, native customary right in the form of customary tenure, even without any document of title, confers a permanent heritable and transferable right over occupancy and use of land under our system of land law.

In his statement today, Kong disputed the statement of the Director of Lands & Surveys Sabah, Datuk Osman Jamal claiming that the State Government and Department of Lands & Surveys never neglected their duty to protect the rights and privileges of the native community in terms of land ownership.

“His statement was misleading and did not reflect the predicament encountered by the native community in Sabah claiming for land ownership. On the contrary, what is really happening is that the natives of Sabah have been and are losing their ancestral land rapidly to the extent that many natives are now landless people, whether knowingly or otherwise” Kong responded.

Kong said, “Either the Director did not know the present predicament and plight of the native community in Sabah or he intended to mislead the people and the BN political leaders in believing that all is well insofar as the land rights and ownership of the Sabah natives are concerned.”

“To understand the dire situation faced by the natives in Sabah in respect of their appeals for help due to encroachment and loss of ownership in land, the Director could verify with the State Attorney General Chambers and all District Land Offices where there are a large numbers of court cases and land disputes outstanding and accumulating.” Kong said.

“If the BN State Government and its leaders respect and protect the land rights and ownership of the indigenous people of Sabah, the State Government especially the Chief Minister as minister in charge should have the political will and immediately direct the Department of Lands & Surveys to conduct the settlement exercise to identify and settle all NCR lands in the State by issuing individual and communal land titles as provided in the Sabah Land Ordinance.” Kong suggested.

“The fact that the State Government and Lands & Surveys Department had now given a speedy approval letter for the land alienated for the Mazu statue and temple speaks for itself since it was only made possible by personal intervention by Sabah Chief Minister (right) himself in the unusual circumstances.” Kong said.

Kong disclosed, “The promising picture painted by the Director was merely a good public relation exercise by the Director which did not reflect the real sentiment of the natives of Sabah who are helplessly suffering from the massive loss of their ancestral land due to indiscriminate alienation of huge acreages of land by the Chief Minister Department and Lands & Surveys Department to many large corporations including government agencies, which subsequently entered into joint ventures with private corporations.”

“The painful truth is that the Sabah natives have been crying out loud for the past 10 years for the massive loss of their ancestral land and land acquired by native customary rights (NCR) which were continuously encroached, destroyed and taken away from them through alienations by the State Government.” Kong said

Kong said “The indigenous people of Sabah (left) had voiced out their plight and frustration to the State Government in many occasions. But their voices were never heard or respected.”

“Sometime in 2006 and again in February 2008, not less than 32,352 natives from 18 districts of Sabah had voiced out their grievances and came out appealing to the government to respect, defend and protect against encroachment of their ancestral land for a collective area of 339,984 acres in 18 kampungs in the State. More than 100 representatives from 18 districts led by Galus Ahtoi of PACOS (Partners of Community Organization) gathered at Kota Kinabalu and jointly submitted a memorandum to the Head of State of Sabah, Sabah chief minister, Suhakam, State Secretary, State Attorney General and the Director of Lands & Surveys himself.” Kong said.

“Despite their protests and appeals, nothing was done by the State Government in taking step to preserve, protect and respect their land rights and ownership. On the contrary, huge acreages of state land to the extent of 20,000 acres to 60,000 hectares per land title were alienated to powerful corporations without any due consideration to the existing rights in of the natives’ ancestral land and NCR land that they and their forefathers have occupied and cultivated for generations.”

“One of the major causes for the massive losses of ancestral land rightfully belonging to the natives was due to the excessive time-consuming process practiced by Lands & Surveys Department between land application and issuance of land title. In many cases, it could take as long as more than 30 years and still waiting. Another major cause of concerned is that natives have to compete with big corporations for land due to heavy demands for agricultural land for oil palm plantations. Due to the lack of financial resources, natives always lose out and give up at the end.” Kong said.

“Over the years, it is generally perceived by ordinary citizens especially natives of the remote villages that the State has been more readily to alienate large acreages of land to selected individuals or corporations whose primary or sole objective is out to amass land for wealth accumulation rather than for basic need or livelihood. At the same time, land applications and alienation can be such a complex procedure and lengthy process for natives who are in dire need of small acreages of farmland to support their basic livelihood and survival. It is rather common in Sabah that natives have been waiting for more than 30 years for document of title to the land that they applied. One of those many cases is the natives in Tongod of Kinabatangan.” Kong said.

“Some 24,000 acres were alienated to a company in 1998 in a single land application submitted in 1997 whereas Tongod natives had applied much earlier for 5 to 15 acres per family since 1975 and have been there as a village community comprising of 12 kampungs for not less than 7 generations. They and their forefathers were owners of the land by adat or custom long before the British Chartered Company or at least well before the formation of any state government. The State Government through Lands & Surveys Department in one single approval took away their land without any due regard to the people’s existing rights and their livelihood and survival.” Kong said.

“Never ignore the fact that natives of Sabah were often the victims of uncontrolled logging activities and indiscriminate land development schemes including by Government land agencies. Public officials so often seized opportunity to limit, delay, disregard and reject claims by native community based on NCR or their land applications submitted earlier in time but instead to facilitate by giving preferential treatments to applications later in time to selected powerful individuals and corporations.

“Depriving customary land of the natives can be construed as depriving their livelihood, which is unconstitutional in violation of Article 5 of the Federal Constitution that guarantees that no person shall be deprived of his life which includes the rights to livelihood except in accordance with law. Further, the taking away or extinguishments of customary land from native or alienation of customary land without compensation was discriminatory, unfair and unconstitutional thereby violated Article 8 of the Federal Constitution that guarantees equality before the law. Moreover, the taking away or extinguishments of customary land from natives or the alienation of customary land without compensation was unconstitutional on the ground that it is in violation of Article 13 which guarantees that no person shall be deprived of his property without adequate compensation and save according to law.

“The State and its administrators have a general fiduciary and constitutional obligation to protect the welfare of the natives and a specific obligation to protect and preserve the native customary and proprietary rights in land. In the premises, they must act for the benefits of the said native community as the beneficiaries. Any deprivation of customary land belonging to the native communities and their future generations is to deprive them of their sources of food, water, rivers, medicines, wildlife, other forest produce which the said native communities need and are dependant upon for their livelihood and daily sustenance.

“Now by his own admission, the Director has finally conceded after all these years that his Department and State Government are incapable of handling the many land applications submitted by natives with some 265,000 remaining outstanding, which is very alarming as the backlogs have accumulated since 1975 until now and continuing.

“Based on their working capacity of 16,000 applications per year, the future and prospect of obtaining native land rights and ownership is indeed very bleak for the Sabah natives.

“Street demonstration is never our culture, especially for Sabah indigenous people. The native community in Sabah clearly has a legitimate claim against the State Government for neglects and breach of duty in defending protecting and preserving the rights and interests of the native community in Sabah” Kong said.

“The natives of Sabah are running out of time. It is now or never. In reality, the natives are not only demanding respect for their land rights and ownership of property which were legally belonging to them, they are in fact preserving, defending and protecting their livelihood, survival as well as culture, tradition and custom.” Kong said.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Serbuan Tentera di Tahap Tertinggi

Kedaulatan rakyat di Sabah telah mencapi tahap bahaya apabila Tentera Bersenjata digunakan untuk memenuhi halatuju Politik. Dalam halaman pos saya sebelum ini, PERUBAHAN MALAYSIA SEBAGAI NEGERI POLIS? Saya telah menyuarakan rasa malu dan keji kepada regim pemerintahan sekarang, yang telah mengarahkan dan mempersalahgunakan semua dana institusi umum di dalam Negara ini. Yang mana fundamentalisma dan tanggungjawab utama mereka untuk mempertahankan keselamatan Negara dan keutamaan Rakyat dipersoalkan.

Serbuan pegawai tentera bersenjata yang telah memaksa seorang penduduk tempatan Datu Pengiran Ahmad Datu Ali Alam, seorang ahli Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), untuk menurunkan bendera parti yang beliau telah kibarkan dengan bangga di rumah beliau, adalah semata-mata mematuhi arahan of Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Zahid Hamidi melalui lawatan operasi “ops pasir”. Arahan ini bukan sahaja perlakuan yang sangat besar dan tindakan salahgunakan kuasa, tetapi arahan ini juga, adalah kuasa penghakisan total dan pencabulan hak asasi rakyat dan hak kebebasan untuk berorganisasi dengan parti politik pilihan sendiri.

Adalah difahamkan bahawa pihak polis telah menyerahkan laporan polis yang dibuat oleh Datu Pengiran Ahmad kepada pihak tentera untuk tindakan selanjutnya. Saya juga telah diberitahu oleh Datu Pengiran Ahmad sendiri bahawa beliau juga telah ditawarkan oleh seorang pihak ke-tiga untuk membatalkan dan menarik kembali laporan polis tersebut.

Saya sungguh terkejut apabila mendengar berita ini, yang mana bagi saya sesuatu usaha untuk “menutup” episode semuanya di muka bumi. Ini juga telah menyakinkan saya dalam pos saya sebelum ini bahawa, peristiwa ini mencerminkan tanda yang nyata bahawa regim pemerintah sangat takut kepada kedatangan pihak Pembangkang, dan mereka sanggup membuat segala upaya untuk menimbulkan rasa takut atau membuat ancaman kepada rakyat yang menyokong pihak Pembangkang.

Ahli Dewan Tertinggi, Hj. Ansari Abdullah dan semua ahli tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) di Sabah, telah memohon kepada pihak tentera untuk menghidari dari pencengahan politik di negeri ini. Demikian ulasan mereka dibuat di perutusan akhbar di pejabat PKR, Sabah baru-baru ini. Rakaman video dikepilkan untuk tentapan umum.

"Shooting the messenger"

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kamaruddin of the Tawau Police Station, the investigating officer, invited me to give my statement relating to the investigation on the registration of birth certificates and Mykad by NRD Mobile Registration Unit at Kg. Kalabakan Tengah I between 10th, 11th and 12th of August 2009.

He informed me that my statement was needed in response to a police report lodged by Sylvester, an UPKO leader on 09.09.2009. I agreed to meet him at 1415 on 10.09.2009 at Tawau Police Station.

I was impressed by the courtesy extended to me by the police officers in Tawau Police Station, particularly, ASP Kamaruddin who interviewed me from 1430 to about 1600 on 10.09.2009. I would say ASP Kamaruddin has during that occasion conducted his duty professionally.

National Registration Department (NRD) has a crisis of credibility. NRD must review its operation and procedure under its Mobile Registration Unit. For a start, there is no good reason why NRD could not and failed to disclose and publish its yearly schedule for its Mobile Registration Unit operating in Sabah.

It defeats the very objective of the mobile registration exercise if NRD turned away genuine local villagers and their children who were at the registration centre and instead allowed outsiders being strangers to the locality to register for late birth certificates and Mykad or even as voters since Election Commission (SPR) was there in the same operation.

I admit that I have been and still am skeptical about police reports. In the past, I made several police reports and Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) reports but nothing came out of them. Simply, these authorities were never obliged to account to the maker of the progress and outcome of his or her report.

Likewise, on the same subject matter, many police reports were lodged on dubious Identification Cards (IC) activities by activists such as Dr Chong En Leong, Mutalib and others including some PBS senior leaders when they were in the opposition. None of these police reports has come to any fruition after the media reports.

Police reports are never cheap publicity. Making a police report entails a heavy responsibility other than a strong sense of justice and other serious considerations.

In Sabah, thousands of PTI or foreigners were arrested and convicted in courts from day to day for having questionable IC and Mykad which was only a small tip of a huge iceberg. Many more are still holding such dubious identity documents without being detected and still many more are being and will be given Mykad by NRD. In many instances, I would not be so sure to describe them as ‘faked’ IC or Mykad, which could be issued by NRD. Perhaps, it is more accurate to describe them as IC or Mykad issued by NRD but based on faked or fictitious particulars.

Rightly or otherwise, the persistent inaction and callous conducts on the part of the federal government and NRD have shaped a general public perception and opinion that the federal government and relevant authorities such as NRD are the mastermind behind the entire scandalous scheme, ultimately to manipulate election results at targeted constituencies by BN particularly UMNO.

Many political leaders including BN leaders knew about the NRD bogus IC list of dubious IC holders who were registered as electoral voters in the Sabah electoral roll. Being in BN, BN leaders opted the silent approach and prefer it to their political advantage.

Infiltration of PTI or foreigners as electoral voters has brought about drastic change to our political landscape resulting marginalization of the once majority indigenous people of the State of Sabah. Sabah electoral roll is polluted with fraud and conspiracy for power and control.

A formerly election commissioner while he was the election commission secretary once said the electoral roll for Sabah ought to be thrown to the sea.

NRD must act now to recall and revoke all IC or Mykad within the NRD bogus IC list and to re-process their applications on a case to case basis so as to determine whether or not such applications are genuine based on statutory requirements.

Sabah, once a beautiful nation of peace and harmony, may never be the same again without a holistic reform. In reality, Sabah is being, if not already, ruined by our own administrators due to the reckless greed for power and control at the expenses of the well being of the people of Sabah. It is time for change.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Saudara Malaysia dan Warga Sabah sekalian, saya menulis pos terbaru ini dengan hati yang penuh hiba, kerana Negara kita yang tercinta ini cepat atau sedang dalam process perubahan menjadi negeri polis, atau pun kini sudah menjadi nyata.

Sebelum memberikan beberapa petunjuk untuk mendokong kenyataan ini,, biralah saya memberikan maksud definasi apakah itu Negari Polis?

Merujuk kepada Kamus Wikipedia, kenyataan Negari Polis adalah merujuk kepada, negeri dimana kerajaannya mengamalkan, pengawalan secara pengongkongan dengan tegas kepada soal social, ekonomi, dan kehidupan politik rakyat. Negeri Polis mencerminkan unsur unsur totalisma (muktamad) dan pengongkongan kawalan sosial, dan sememangnya mengamalkan sedikit atau tiada perutusan di antara rang undang undang dan semuanya kepada amalan kuasa politik yang berlebihan.

Raykat yang dibendung dan dikongkong dengan kuasa di bawah Kejaraan Negeri Polis akan mengalami Mobiliti atau pergerakkan terbatas, di mana pergerakan mereka tertakluk kepada pemantauwan dan pengkuatkuasaan pihak Polis. Kawalan secara berpolitik akan diamalkan sebagai panduan dan diketatkan oleh kuasa politik di negeri tersebut.

Sekarang dengan segala dukacitanya saya ingin mendedahkan bukti kenyataan ini. Sebulan yang lalu, pada tanggal 3 Ogos, pasukan Gerak Khas dari 7 RAMD, telah merempuh ke sebuah Pulau di Semporna yang di namakan Pulau Pandanan Kecil dan mengarahkan semua penduduk penduduk pulau tersebut menurunkan semua Bendera Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) yang berkibar di setiap anjung rumah rumah mereka. Apabila penduduk pulau berkeras agar tidak menurunkan bendera bendera tersebut, pasukan Gerak Khas dengan paksaan, menurunkan sendiri bendera bendera tersebut.

Apabila penduduk pulau, yang kini sangat kecewa dan marah, memohon penjelasan daripada daripada pegawai pasukan Gerak Khas, siapa yang memberi arahan tersebut? Mereka hanya diberi tahu bahawa arahan tersebut datangnya dari “Bos”, tanpa memberi sebarang nama. Saya berpendapat kita tidak memerlukan graduan roket saintist untuk mengetahui siapakah “bos” yang dimaksudkan?

Sedih dan kecewa dengan perakuan anggota tentera tersebut, penduduk Pulau Pandanan Kecil di Semporna telah membuat laporan rasmi polis di Pejabat Polis Semporna. Peristiwa yang menghayat hati ini telah sempat dirakam dan digambar untuk dijadikan bukti utama kenyataan ini dan memperingati peristiwa penghinaan yang memalukan ini. (sila tekan untuk melihat rakaman tersebut 1) (sila tekan untuk melihat rakaman tersebut 2)

Peristiwa di Pulau Pandanan Kecil Semporna ini,, mencerminkan betapa tercabarnya dan dengan rasa takut yang mendalam, kerajaan pemerintah kepada kemunculan parti parti pembangkang. Maka itu, mereka telah di arah untuk memberikan ancaman dan terus menindas rakyat yang menyokong mana mana parti pembangkang.

Ancaman ini merangsangkan rasa malu kepada regim kerajaan pemerintah yang telah mengarahkan dan mempersalahgunakan wang rakyat dan kewangan institusi di Negara ini. Tangungjawab utama mereka untuk mengekalkan dan mengawal keselamatan Negara dan memberikan keutamaan kepada rakyat, telah diabaikan. Ancaman ini semata mata di buat untuk memenuhi dan mengekalkan nafsu politik dan kedudukan mereka, agar mereka akan senantiasa dapat menghisap kekayaan Negeri ini untuk kekayaan mereka sendiri dan untuk semua kroni mereka. Di manakah ungkapan “Satu Malaysia” yang dilaung-laungkan:- Rakyat Didahulukan, Keselamatan Rakyat diutamakan?

Bagi saya, biarlah mereka merampas dan menurunkan semua bendera-bendera parti pembangkang yang berkibar dengan megah di seluruh Negara, Tetapi mereka tidak dapat merampas dan menindas apakah yang tersirat di hati setiap rakyat Malaysia.

Ini lah antara peristiwa dan adegan yang yang sangat memalukan dan keji, pernah berlaku di negeri kita yang tercinta ini semenjak pilihanraya umum. Perakuan perebutan dan pencengkaman dalaman diantara komponen komponen parti BN seperti MCA, MIC, PPP dan lain-lain, akan menjadi kenyataan akan permulaan keruntuhan regim kerajaan perintah ini.