Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Shooting the messenger"

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kamaruddin of the Tawau Police Station, the investigating officer, invited me to give my statement relating to the investigation on the registration of birth certificates and Mykad by NRD Mobile Registration Unit at Kg. Kalabakan Tengah I between 10th, 11th and 12th of August 2009.

He informed me that my statement was needed in response to a police report lodged by Sylvester, an UPKO leader on 09.09.2009. I agreed to meet him at 1415 on 10.09.2009 at Tawau Police Station.

I was impressed by the courtesy extended to me by the police officers in Tawau Police Station, particularly, ASP Kamaruddin who interviewed me from 1430 to about 1600 on 10.09.2009. I would say ASP Kamaruddin has during that occasion conducted his duty professionally.

National Registration Department (NRD) has a crisis of credibility. NRD must review its operation and procedure under its Mobile Registration Unit. For a start, there is no good reason why NRD could not and failed to disclose and publish its yearly schedule for its Mobile Registration Unit operating in Sabah.

It defeats the very objective of the mobile registration exercise if NRD turned away genuine local villagers and their children who were at the registration centre and instead allowed outsiders being strangers to the locality to register for late birth certificates and Mykad or even as voters since Election Commission (SPR) was there in the same operation.

I admit that I have been and still am skeptical about police reports. In the past, I made several police reports and Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) reports but nothing came out of them. Simply, these authorities were never obliged to account to the maker of the progress and outcome of his or her report.

Likewise, on the same subject matter, many police reports were lodged on dubious Identification Cards (IC) activities by activists such as Dr Chong En Leong, Mutalib and others including some PBS senior leaders when they were in the opposition. None of these police reports has come to any fruition after the media reports.

Police reports are never cheap publicity. Making a police report entails a heavy responsibility other than a strong sense of justice and other serious considerations.

In Sabah, thousands of PTI or foreigners were arrested and convicted in courts from day to day for having questionable IC and Mykad which was only a small tip of a huge iceberg. Many more are still holding such dubious identity documents without being detected and still many more are being and will be given Mykad by NRD. In many instances, I would not be so sure to describe them as ‘faked’ IC or Mykad, which could be issued by NRD. Perhaps, it is more accurate to describe them as IC or Mykad issued by NRD but based on faked or fictitious particulars.

Rightly or otherwise, the persistent inaction and callous conducts on the part of the federal government and NRD have shaped a general public perception and opinion that the federal government and relevant authorities such as NRD are the mastermind behind the entire scandalous scheme, ultimately to manipulate election results at targeted constituencies by BN particularly UMNO.

Many political leaders including BN leaders knew about the NRD bogus IC list of dubious IC holders who were registered as electoral voters in the Sabah electoral roll. Being in BN, BN leaders opted the silent approach and prefer it to their political advantage.

Infiltration of PTI or foreigners as electoral voters has brought about drastic change to our political landscape resulting marginalization of the once majority indigenous people of the State of Sabah. Sabah electoral roll is polluted with fraud and conspiracy for power and control.

A formerly election commissioner while he was the election commission secretary once said the electoral roll for Sabah ought to be thrown to the sea.

NRD must act now to recall and revoke all IC or Mykad within the NRD bogus IC list and to re-process their applications on a case to case basis so as to determine whether or not such applications are genuine based on statutory requirements.

Sabah, once a beautiful nation of peace and harmony, may never be the same again without a holistic reform. In reality, Sabah is being, if not already, ruined by our own administrators due to the reckless greed for power and control at the expenses of the well being of the people of Sabah. It is time for change.




  2. People of Sabah must wake up. No need to lok elsewhere for masterminds. The mastermind of faked IC and mykads and phantom voters are amongst us which was the work of BN and UMNO leaders from Kuala Lumpur assisted by UMNO leaders in Sabah and BN ketua kampung. That is why no one was brought to the court for a trial. All the dirt would have come out if there was a trial which would have linked to the masterminds at the very top of BN government.

  3. Datuk Kong, are you sure our police are so nice? But what happened to Altantuya, Kugan, Teo and those who died under detention?

  4. The Sabah native political parties under BN should wake up and realize they have been neo-colonized by Umno. It's not they who call the shots, it's Umno. They can't even do anything about the hordes of illegal immigrants naturalized by the NRD so what can they do if Umno wants to do away with immigration control for West Malaysians? A word and a stare from Umno and they will shut up obediently. If Sabah political parties want to protect Sabah's interest, it's time to join PKR and kick out Umno from their state.

  5. wha happen to Datuk Pairin, the grand leader of the kadazan dusan murut community? He and other kadazan dusun murut leaders in BN must have known that their own community had been severely and is continuing to be marginalized under BN rule led by UMNO? Same fate goes to the local muslim community.

  6. If Najib is serious about his reform agenda and 1Malaysia, he must review all ISA cases relatin to previous IC scam in Sabah, and charge those culprits involved in court. That would be real 1Malaysia in protecing our interest. Never let these traitors get away with such serious crime. They were desroying Sabah.

  7. Tidak susah mau kenal PTI dengan penduduk tampatan. Kalau kita pergi Jabatan Pendaftaran hari-hari kita akan lihat PTI datang memohon Sijil Lahir atau IC. Dari pertuturan mereka kita sudah tau yang mereka ini bukan orang tempatan tetapi mereka ini diberi layanan istimewa oleh pegawai2 pendaftaran Negara. Dengan sekeping kertas Surat Sumpah sahaja mereka boleh mendapat Sijil Lahir atau IC. Dalam borang permohonan IC mereka ini selalunya meletak dari di Kampung-Kampung di Daerah Kudat dan pendalaman Sabah tetapi bila ditanya letak kampung dan jarak dari Daerah yang dimaksudkan merekapun tidak tau.

  8. PTI are all over the place, especially in Immigration and JPN. Why do Police, JPN and Immigration intentionally avoid doing their round in hot spots like KK Philipine / Manila Market and many other places where PTI are in big groups doing business and trading? They know better why because it is money for all.

  9. Memangpun setiap hari JPN dipenuhi PTI urusan memohon Sijil Lahir Lewat dan IC, jarang ada orang tempatan, saya rasa apa yang Datuk Kong claim itu ada kebenarannya mana pemimpin-pemimpin Sabah yang berjiwa rakyat, bukan nak sokong suara Datuk Kong malah mereka buat lapuran polis agar Datuk Kong disiasat apa dah jadi ini? Habislah kita rakyat tempatan Sabah kalau begini tiada pemimpin dalam kerajaan yang berani menangani isu ini. Baca buku Lest We Forget Dr.Chong dan buku IC Palsu Mutalib MD.