Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party Solidarity Is Paramount

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) newly appointed Sabah State Chief Ahmad Thamrin Hj Jaini expressed his sincere gratitude to the support given to him as Chairman of PKR State Liaison Committee by 17 Divisional Chiefs during the official State Liaison Committee meeting today. There are a total of 25 PKR Divisions in Sabah. Divisional Chiefs support the decision of the appointment made by the Party President.

He also express his appreciation for the trust and confidence of the Party President and central leadership in appointing him to the post after having considered the decision of the State Liaison Committee meeting held on 22nd of October 2009.

Thamrin said” I acknowledge the heavy responsibility that is placed upon me and the State leadership. Only with the undivided support and full commitment from my colleagues in the State leadership and that of the central leadership, I am confident that we will discharge our duty effectively.

“My immediate task is to look into the existing and new line-up for the State Liaison Committee. I shall make an announcement soon after having consultation with the State leaders. I am mindful of the different groupings within PKR, which is normal in any political party. PKR leaders will always remind ourselves that our loyalty is to the Party’s struggle. We accept and practice inclusive approach to ensure that no one or group is marginalized in order to stay relevant in this reform movement.

“I declare that it is the commitment of this new State leadership to encourage and attract new members and leaders especially amongst the young and new faces to emerge in its struggle for reform, social justice, democracy, good governance and equality for all, ultimately for ‘people supremacy’ (Ketuanan Rakyat).

“Therefore, it is the priority of the present leadership to ensure and safeguard Sabah’s special State rights within the Federation of Malaysia are restored maintained and enhanced in the true spirit which our founding fathers of this nation had intended.

“Let’s move on and focus our energy on the more pressing and important issue of our primary interest, especially to Sabah. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is now in the process of drafting a common agenda known as Common Policy Framework (CPF) outlining the policies and working of the coalition formed by PKR, DAP and PAS.

“We declare that the immediate task of Sabah State Liaison Committee is to map out and prepare a memorandum outlining the economic and development agenda reflecting the special position and needs of Sabah as our collective input to the All Malaysians’ Common Policy Framework.

“It is therefore my sincere hope that we now unite our energies onto promoting our Party’s struggle and end all divisive remarks or accusations.” Thamrin said.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MEDIA STATEMENT: Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Presiden KEADILAN

Recent changes to the leadership in Keadilan have caused confusion and consternation among some. I recognize that not everyone will be pleased with decisions made by the party’s leadership and not everyone will appreciate the difficulty we face in seeking to accommodate all views, including those of the divisions and branches which make up the backbone of the party, while striving to guide our party towards achieving its goals.

As our party grows in number and transforms into a national organization we have struggled at times to identify right strategy and mix of leadership that will carry us to the next level. Along the way we have encountered great challenges and have also uncovered promising new talent. Our task remains a work in progress and the announcements made this week are based on consensus and consultation within the party to work towards a better future.

Keadilan was established with a mission to be a unifying force for Malaysians of all races and religions and restore the integrity of the principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution. This mission carries unprecedented import and its pursuit confronts us with unparalleled challenges.

Over the years many have poured scorn on our aspirations for a brighter future and have derided our belief in an end to racial politics and rampant corruption. And yet we, with our partners in the Pakatan Rakyat, made historic progress towards restoring democracy, freedom and the Rule of Law. We have done so despite a hostile media and the relentless attacks on us by the institutions of the government and the unlimited resources of the UMNO-led BN coalition.

I acknowledge the setbacks that we have faced since the March elections. Political parties are complex organisms and political coalitions are neither crystallized overnight nor even in a fortnight. The frustrations which have been expressed by some colleagues within the party and by some supporters are valid and I remain open to engaging all parties on the principle of mutual respect, understanding and an unrelenting commitment to the principles of justice and fairness.

The future of the nation does not lie in the hands of any one individual nor does our party nor does this coalition. I continue to ask the ongoing faith and patience of the people in supporting the mission of Keadilan and of Pakatan Rakyat.


Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Monday, October 19, 2009

Clarifications on alleged discord in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Sabah, Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim


19 OCTOBER 2009

Clarifications on alleged discord in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Sabah, Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim

In light of the exaggerated, slanted and half truth reporting in both the mainstream and new media on alleged serious discord in PKR on Sabah, Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim arising from last Tuesday’s political bureau meeting, PKR wishes to clarify on some of the issues raised although these meetings are usually confidential.

Whilst it is true that there are some disagreements within the party on several issues including on the restructuring of PKR leadership in Sabah, it cannot be overemphasized that these are the usual disagreements within the party (as is normal in any worthy political party) and not anything so fundamental and serious to warrant the sort of press that it had undeservedly generated.

The purported heated political bureau meeting was actually quite uneventful. Both Azmin Ali and Mustafa Kamil were asked to report on the situation in Sabah and Sarawak where they have respectively been appointed to lead the Majlis Perhubungan Negeri (State Liaison Council) in order to assist in the states’ leadership restructuring and in representing the Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP).

During the meeting, PKR Sabah did not hand over any memorandum of protest, Azmin did not throw any tantrum, nor was there any power tussle between Zaid and Azmin as reported. It is sufficient to state at this point that the PKR Sabah leadership is being restructured and is an ongoing process that will of course attract differences of opinions.

The only highlight of the meeting was about Gabriel Adit, Adun of Ngameh, Sarawak and his impending resignation from PKR and plan to form another party.

The political bureau meeting is a regular meeting held weekly among the top leaders to discuss many agenda including regular matters like situation reports on Sabah and Sarawak and urgent matters like Gabriel Adit.

As for Zaid taking leave from the political bureau and the MPP, this as explained by Zaid was merely to enable him to concentrate fully on drafting Pakatan Rakyat’s all important Common Policy Framework that will take the opposition coalition to the next level in challenging the BN as the Government of the Day.

Zaid it must be emphasized has not left PKR and is still a PKR leader, a valuable asset and committed to the various party activities as can be seen in his upcoming schedules.

Released by:
Latheefa Koya
Information Chief of PKR

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PENDUDUK BUMI SABAH BERSUARA LANTANG…..”Kami akan mempertahankan tanah pusaka dan hak kami dengan nyawa”

Slogan 1 Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Sekarang ; yang dijulang tinggi dan dimegah-megahkan oleh Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Najib, kini hanya menjadi wap panas dan slogan yang hanya membabi buta sahaja. Rakyat tempatan Sabah yang tinggal di pendalaman daerah Penampang, merasa sedih perit dengan ancaman projek RM 2.8 Billion Empangan Koiduan yang telah diluluskan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Sabah. Project Empangan tersebut diluluskan tanpa membuat laporan Kesan kepada Alam Sekitar (EIA) dan Laporan Kesan kepada Sosial melalui perbentangan di Kabinet Negeri Sabah dan meluluskan permohonan daripada WCT Berhad: Syarikat yang sama dengan Kontraktor yang ditawarkan untuk Project Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kota Kinabalu.

Empangan tersebut akan merangkumi 12 Km Persegi, kawasan hutan dan tanah pertanian. Apa yang lebih kesal adalah, kawasan tersebut akan menenggelamkan lebih 9 buah kampong penduduk tempatan yang telah bertapak di kawasan tersebut berkurun lamanya. Ini jelas menunjukkan suatu pencerobohan dan salah laku kepada hak asasi penduduk tempatan di Penampang yang mana petikan “Persetujuan yang jelas dan menyeluruh haruslah diterima” seperti yang tercatat di dalam Pengistiharan Negara Persekutu (UN) kepada hak asasi Rakyat Asli, dimana Malaysia adalah salah satu daripada Negara dunia yang menandatangani pengistiharan tersebut.

Kampung-kampung yang terlibat adalah Buayan, Terian, Babagon Laut, Timpayasa, Tiku, Longkogungan, Kalanggaan, Pongobonon dan Kionop. Sementara 5 lagi kampung yang termasuk di dalam daerah Papar dan merupakan tanah pertanian termasuk, Bolotikon, Koiduan, Bisuang, Kogopon dan Limbahau akan turut ditenggelamkan; tempat-tempat yang bersejarah yang penting kepada Negeri Sabah di persekitaran Sungai Papar, kawasan hutan tropika, Flora dan Fauna yang unik dengan eko-sistem biologika di Banjaran Kroker akan turut menjadi mangsa kepada projek empangan ini. Taburan penduduk di semua kawasan yang terlibat adalah lebih kurang 2500 dan semua mereka adalah penduduk rakyat asli negeri Sabah.

Semasa lawatan Penulis ke kampung yang bakal ditenggelamkan ini, beliau telah berbual dengan Encik Nousi Giun, Pengerusi kepada Kommitti Gerakan Bersama, yang dibentuk khas untuk menghalang projek Empangan tersebut. Mereka akan menentang habis-habisan dan sanggup mengadai nyawa mereka demi menyelamatkan tanah pusaka mereka. Menurut beliau mereka tidak berminat sama sekali kepada apa jenis pampasan, program pendudukan semula atau apa jua kompromi dan janji-janji manis kerajaan BN. Kini semua penduduk kampung di sekitar kawasan yang terlibat mengadakan sembayang beramai-ramai; berdoa kepada Tuhan yang Esa untuk menyelamatkan mereka dan meyelamatkan tanah Pusaka mereka yang kita dibajak dan ditanam untuk memenuhi keperluan harian mereka.

Infrastuktur asas seperti jalanraya masih lagi dalam keadaan yang sungguh memilukan dan luarbiasa sekali kerana Malaysia sudah Merdeka selama 46 tahun tetapi kawasan kampung ini masih lagi dalam keadaan 46 tahun kebelakangan. Slogan yang berkumandang dijulang tinggi dan dimegah-megahkan, 1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian Sekarang, hanya menjadi lagu hiburan sahaja kerana di kawasan Penampang ini masih lagi kekal dengan keadaan yang sangat dahagakan kepada pembangunan infrastuktur yang dijanji-janjikan.

Apa yang lebih mengejutkan adalah kenyataan laporan kesesuaian tapak yang dibuat oleh Syarikat WCT Berhad yang melaporkan bahawa kawasan tersebut tidak berpenduduk? Encik Nousi mengeluh tiada seorang pun yang datang dan memberi tahu kepada kami akan projek ini, apatah lagi mendapat kelulusan daripada orang kampung? Rakyat Asli Sabah ini juga menerima sokongan padu daripada NGOs seperti PACOS, JICA, JOAS dan lain-lain. Organisasi-organisasi ini telah lama berkerjasama dengan mereka dan keperihatinan mereka, memberi sumbangan tenaga membantu mempertingkatkan tahap kehidupan penduduk kampung.

Meninjau dari segi politiknya, kawasan Penampang adalah dibawa kuasa UPKO, komponen parti UMNO/Barisan National. Menteri Persekutuannya adalah Tan Seri Bernard Dompok yang pernah ditolak oleh penduduk tempatan Penampang sendiri. Adalah difahamkan bahawa beliau menutup mulut kerana projek tersebut adalah projek yang didalangi oleh UMNO. Tetapi apa yang lebih memeranjatkan ialah, sementara penduduk tempatan Penampang bertungkus lumus, berdoa siang dan malam, dan sanggup mengadaikan nyawa mereka menentang projek empangan tersebut, beliau dengan diam, sibuk dengan usaha membuka cawangan UPKO di Semenanjung Malaysia dan menawarkan kepada Orang Asli dari Semenanjung sebagai ahli.

Sementara itu, penulis mendapat peluang untuk berhubung dengan Datuk Masidi Manjun, Menteri Pelancungan dan Alam Sekitar Sabah melalui Facebook. Beliau berkata; tidak tahu sama sekali mengenai RM2.8 Billion projek Empangan ini dan begitu juga dengan Tan Seri Bernard Dompok? Jadi persoalannya siapa yang memberi kata putus mengenai dengan hal ini? Adakah Kerajaan Negeri Sabah ditadbir oleh Kabinet Dapur? Jika Menteri Persekutuan Penampang sendiri tidak diberi tahu, dan Menteri Penuh Negeri Sabah, Menteri Pelancungan dan Alam Sekitar sendiri berkata beliau tidak tahu tentang projek tersebut, siapa sebenarnya yang memberi kata putus? Adakah ini merupakan kerajaan “Remote Control”?

Projek Empangan Koiduan dilaporkan 3 kali lebih besar daripada Empangan Babagon, iaitu empangan yang besar dan juga terletak di Daerah Penampang. Kawasan Empangan Koiduan yang kaya dengan kayu-kayannya telah mula diterokai dan kayu-kayannya dari hutan rimba semulajadi ini telah dirompak. Jelas menunjukkan pihak kerajaan bertangungjawab dengan perkara ini dan rakus mengondoli kawasan projek yang kaya ini.

Persoalannya “Adakah projek ini bertujuan untuk pembangunan atau permusnahan? Jika ya! Pembangunan ini adalah untuk siapa dan atas perbelanjaan siapa?

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today, I have lodged a report with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong. The report urges ICAC to review and widen investigations against Michael Chia Tien Foh, a Malaysian from Sandakan, arrested for money laundering in August 2008.

I provided ICAC with evidence that Michael Chia is in fact a nominee for Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah. I also named four (4) other persons believed to have connection with corrupt practices and shady transactions involving funds belonging to the State Government of Sabah and its subsidiaries, including Innoprise Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Rakyat Berjaya Sdn. Bhd. and Yayasan Sabah Group.

The public funds were “illegally obtained” and were siphoned out from Malaysia and deposited into various accounts in Hong Kong at UBS AG, Bank of East Asia Limited, HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank. Being illegally obtained, the persons involved have committed an offence under the Money Laundering Act.

There is sufficient evidence that the five persons are acting on behalf of Musa Aman and the money held on trust for the Chief Minister. The corrupt money belongs to Musa Aman.

Therefore I urged authorities in Hong Kong to freeze the accounts involved. I hereby urge authorities of other countries where accounts might be kept in connection with this case to do likewise. The money should be returned to the people of Malaysia, particularly Sabahans.

I urge the ICAC to conduct thorough investigations because Malaysians have lost confidence in the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (SPRM) due to various scandals involving the commission.

This case highlights the level of corruption plaguing the top leadership of UMNO-Barisan Nasional. Thus I call upon all Malaysians to fight corruption at every level. Reports on corruption in Malaysia, particularly the 2009 report by Transparency International, are not only humiliating but a cause for foreign investors to avoid Malaysia.

In order to make Malaysia a truly great nation, we must be free from corruption. We must enjoy a reputation as a clean country where everybody can do business and expect fairness and protection from injustice.

Shamsul Iskandar Mohd. Akin
Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK)