Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party Solidarity Is Paramount

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) newly appointed Sabah State Chief Ahmad Thamrin Hj Jaini expressed his sincere gratitude to the support given to him as Chairman of PKR State Liaison Committee by 17 Divisional Chiefs during the official State Liaison Committee meeting today. There are a total of 25 PKR Divisions in Sabah. Divisional Chiefs support the decision of the appointment made by the Party President.

He also express his appreciation for the trust and confidence of the Party President and central leadership in appointing him to the post after having considered the decision of the State Liaison Committee meeting held on 22nd of October 2009.

Thamrin said” I acknowledge the heavy responsibility that is placed upon me and the State leadership. Only with the undivided support and full commitment from my colleagues in the State leadership and that of the central leadership, I am confident that we will discharge our duty effectively.

“My immediate task is to look into the existing and new line-up for the State Liaison Committee. I shall make an announcement soon after having consultation with the State leaders. I am mindful of the different groupings within PKR, which is normal in any political party. PKR leaders will always remind ourselves that our loyalty is to the Party’s struggle. We accept and practice inclusive approach to ensure that no one or group is marginalized in order to stay relevant in this reform movement.

“I declare that it is the commitment of this new State leadership to encourage and attract new members and leaders especially amongst the young and new faces to emerge in its struggle for reform, social justice, democracy, good governance and equality for all, ultimately for ‘people supremacy’ (Ketuanan Rakyat).

“Therefore, it is the priority of the present leadership to ensure and safeguard Sabah’s special State rights within the Federation of Malaysia are restored maintained and enhanced in the true spirit which our founding fathers of this nation had intended.

“Let’s move on and focus our energy on the more pressing and important issue of our primary interest, especially to Sabah. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is now in the process of drafting a common agenda known as Common Policy Framework (CPF) outlining the policies and working of the coalition formed by PKR, DAP and PAS.

“We declare that the immediate task of Sabah State Liaison Committee is to map out and prepare a memorandum outlining the economic and development agenda reflecting the special position and needs of Sabah as our collective input to the All Malaysians’ Common Policy Framework.

“It is therefore my sincere hope that we now unite our energies onto promoting our Party’s struggle and end all divisive remarks or accusations.” Thamrin said.


  1. Congratulation for being the new Sabah's PKR chief. I know it is going to be up hill struggle for you but i believe with your great inter personal skills with people around you, you can make it. But tell me... tak ada gambar yang lebih baik dari ni ke?....

    Sabah is formed with great multi culture with respected ethic culture that projects the real 1 malaysia concept, perhaps Sabah may have gone beyond 1 Malaysia concept.

    May i ask then Encik Thamrin,... what is your response to this statement that you have made... "Speaking to a division chief who is Muslim but is supportive of Jeffrey as PKR state chief, Thamrin is said to have asked of that division chief, “Kamu sudah masuk ugama Kristian, ke?" appeared in the blog?

    If this is coming from you than i can assure you that your time in Politic in Sabah be soon be doomed too like the rest of the leaders. But if this is not coming from you than, you should explain this to the Sabahans that are very much behind you... But looking at this.. statement a pure racism and disrespecful of the Christian Community in Sabah and in Malaysia.

    This should not come out from any of the Sabahan leaders because in Sabah, people sit together and respect each other like any Sabahans do like brothers and sisters. Sabahans have special bond for each other, but this of course has long gone be by gone, ever since UMNO came into the picture... But why you sound .. religion supremacy? isn't PKR struggle is looking beyond that? looking beyond 1 malaysia, PKR is ketuanan rakyat? Are the Christians do not deserve to lead Sabah? has this been approved in our state cabinet that ONLY THE MUSLIM LEADS?

    Are you adopting UMNO ideology for Sabah. PKR should be looking into personal merit, great knowledge and potential, leadership quality, compassionate for people, that is why Anuar is confident that PKR should be Ketuanan Rakyat?. They should Not judge by their religion. Is that means "Ketuanan Rakyat (Muslim Only)" the rest of the rakyat only to kasi cukup korum saja?

    Aduh Sayang!

  2. Thaniah Oi...Abang Thamrin. kau tingu apa tu?

  3. Saudara Thamrin,we're waiting to read your plans and policies in order to convince Sabahans that PKR is the better alternative then UMNO/BN.To many news in the newspapers about KDM's ditching PKR,Jeffery and Christina resigning their position.

    If Sabahans are to continue supporting PKR,please get your act together and swiftly.

  4. Saya percaya sdr Ahmad Thamrin mampu menangani pergolakan dalaman PKR, PKR masih mempunyai pemimpin KDM Datuk John Ghani dan mungkin sedikit masa lagi ramai pemimpin KDMR yang lebih berwibawa akan muncul dalam PKR saya amat yakin sekali, apapun sdra Thamrin teruskan perjuangan sebab semakin ramai diluar sana yang bercakap tentang krisis dalaman PKR Sabah semakin ramai rakyat yang bersimpati dengan PKR malah menyokong barisan pimpinan PKR yang ada sekarang.

    Uncle Sam

  5. Thank you my friends for your support and confidence in me.
    with the team I have around me, I believe we shall be able to overcome any issues or situations in Sabah.
    By the way, I agree with you about the photo. It's really ugly. I'll get a better one.
    Regarding the comment you are referring to, I can assure you that there's no way in heaven I would say such a thing. This is just a desperate effort to discredit me by certain unhappy quarters.
    That is why I am in PKR rather than in UMNO. UMNO uses religious sentiment to break us Sabahans apart. PKR is a multi-racial political party. This concept is perfect for us, as we have been living harmoniously as Sabahans for as far as I can remember. Sabah PKR members will not fall for UMNO old tricks, DIVIDE AND RULE. That's why, Sabahans must be united to exonerate ourselves from UMNO sick concept and idealogy. Get rid of UMNO.
    Let us salvage our dignity and fight for Sabah rights.
    I will need your support.
    Thank you.