Thursday, December 24, 2009

SABAH PKR CONVENTION 2009 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Nobleman

“Ini adalah konvensyen terbaik yang pernah diadakan di Sabah”said Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his closing address on Sunday at Atlantis Restaurant to the cheering crowd of more than 1500 party leaders.

The State PKR Chairman Saudara Ahmad Thamrin Jaini and Datuk Kong Hong Ming the chairman of the Organizing Committee were beaming. Christina Liew wept uncontrollably but only God knows why, as she has a very poor command of the National Language. So it can’t be the speech delivered by Anwar. Newcomer Datuk John Ghani who was seated next to her looked confused. He must be wondering why...!!Keningau Divisional Chief, Gapari @ Jeffrey who was still on sabbatical leave sat impassively without betraying his emotion.

Among the crowd were John Jinus Sibin, Jeffrey Yap, Hj Awang Bakar, Peter Linuk, Adris Taripin, Amirbeck bin Laja and their fellow AJKs from Keningau, Kota Kinabalu, Tenom and Batu Sapi Divisions. The party owes them unspeakable gratitude for holding the forts when the going got tough-all the fanfare of ultimitums. These were the good guys.

“ Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan telah membuat keputusan untuk berbuat demikian,saya menghormati keputusan dia,tetapi bukan bererti saya bersetuju dengan tindakan dia. Hak dan kebebasan untuk membuat keputusan adalah di tangan kita sendiri dan perlu di hormati. Keputusan yang saya buat ini adalah atas dasar prinsip moral dan maruah. Sebab itu saya meneruskan perjuangan saya didalam PKR dibawah pimpinan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,John Jinus Sibin Setiausaha Bahagian”. That was his sms to Hj Ansari Abdullah on the 5th. November, 2009 at 1.59pm.

On the first day of Ramadhan, while Muslims elsewhere were celebrating Hari Raya to commemorate their victory over human weaknesses and desires, a memorandum was crafted to humiliate Pakatan Rakyat Whip and Party Vice President YB Azmin Ali, the Sabah State PKR Chief. PKR Sabah was tested to the brink as the oncoming drama unfurled. It had to wither it's most bitter and painful storm since it's inception in Sabah in late 1999.

On the day of the convention, PKR Sabah had survived the onslaught by its own so-called leaders because there were those in the Division level who had the guts to stand up and defend the struggles of the Party. To these Borneo warriors, the Party and its objectives are more important than individuals, whoever there are.

John Jinus Sibin and his colleagues in JKC Keningau had prevented the party from being dissolved. “Once Keningau is dissolved, Kota Kinabalu will also be dissolved” so say Christina Liew in Malaysiakini. Earlier she had resigned as a member of the Party’s Central Committee on the ground that her mother were ashamed that she was not reappointed as Deputy Chairman of Sabah PKR.

However, when she tabled the motion to the committee members of Kota Kinabalu Division for it to be dissolved, Jeffrey Yap and the other committee members opposed the motion. No other member of the Divisional Committee supported her. For all these transgressions against the Party, she was rewarded with the appointment of Deputy Chairman PKR Sabah. Her partner in crime, Gapari @Jeffrey Kitingan was reinstated as nominated Vice President. Christina’s Mother will be celebrating like Santa Claus this Christmas.

Gosibin the acting Chief of Tenom with his “Kadoh Agundung” hairstyle and Datuk Nahalan Damsal were nowhere to be seen. Sylvester was busy carrying his computer, chair and table from the Papar division office as he and Evelyn Gobili had just taken their “sabbatical leave.” Daniel John and Moses Iking must be occupied with Parti Cinta Sabah. They were “the bad” guys.

There are other good guys, like members of the Organising Committees for the dialogue, convention and dinner including Dr Roland Chia, Ronnie Klassen, Jonathan Yassin and Datuk Chau Chin Tang the moderators. The eloquent speeches of YB Zuraidah Kamaruddin the Wanita Chief, YB Tian Chua the Director of Strategy and Hj Ansari Abdullah at the Convention and YB Tian Chua and Dato Chua Jui Meng at the Dinner made the Convention a memorable curtain closer for a stormy 2009 for Sabah PKR. The highlight was of course from the ever charistmatic leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

I leave it to you to decide who are “the ugly” but while doing so, please do not forget “the good” guys like John Jinus Sibin and the rest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.


  1. Nice piece. It shows PKR is still alive and kicking in Sabah. Good work by Ansari in giving credit to Tun Fuad, Tun Mustapha, Datuk GS Sundang and D Khoo Siak Chew and AG Jones together with SS Holly for safeguarding Sabah Rights by insisting on the 20 points protection.Writer however forgot to mention people like Herman Mianus in Papar, Jeffrey Jonion in KK and Dzulkarnain in Batu Sapi for opposing the dissolution of thier divisions.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. merry christmas to all , so the gunslinger didn't fire a single shoot during the convention since the ugly guys were being triple crossed by the bad guys and a couple manage to hang by the steel cable and was saved by the gunslinger .so a few tears and sad faces spare their lives and ride on with the gunslinger,little did the gunslinger know that a c4 was planted in his backpack....kaaaBooom !

  3. DSAI should have confronted this issue once and for all before he came for the convention , now that Dr J and mother santa being given a second chance , just you wait for the next rough ride and eventually losing out Sabah to BN again .

  4. I sincerely hope PKR Sabah can immediately stop these stupid internal fight (no matter started by who) and concentrate the fight with BN otherwise you will have no chance to beat this political giant.

    I just can't understand why PKR Sabah has yet to form the government but already 'copy cat' the internal fight as what have been praticed by the BN components, let me tell you all: BN has the 'capital' to do that, you DON'T!!!

  5. Ibu Christina Hadikasumo~kenapa pake nangis-nangis koh.Maasah?...uda ada cucu masih nga bisa faham Bahasa Melayu.Kan sama aja Bahasa Indonesia.Selamat Hari Natal Ibu

  6. Salute to John Jinus Sibing of Keningau and Jeffry Yap of KK, AJK Papar, AJK Batu Sapi, AJK Beaufort, AJK Tenom, AJK Sipitan, AJK Putatan, all but minus and except all their ketua cabang who were out to dissolve and destroy PKR Sabah.

    We will never forget Jeffrey Kitingan and Christina Liew and their kind whether they are in or out of PKR Sabah.

    Beware and now you have been forwarned that people like Jeffrey and Chritina are the kind that will sell their soul if they have one to the devil for their own interest and betray PKR Sabah in time to come.

  7. dont marah christinalah!! As an ice cream lover, all her life she has been trying hard to please baharom titingan, amir kahar n jeffrey kitingan. Now its her turn to please her mother!! Please try to understand he lah friend!!

  8. The problem with the nationalPKR leadership now is the inability to admit real crisis at the grassroots level. This elite politicking must stop and the pkr leaders must listen to the grassroots and the needs of the members. Instead of giving face to Christina and Dr. Jeffery, pkr should have given priority to what the grassroots really want. My view is that these two have already shown their true colours and if DSAI can't even tell what is real from what is imagined, then Sabah pkr will fall apart. This whole idea about race and religious representation should not drive the real agenda of justice. If DSAI's concern is 'kadazan' representation, then he is no different from perpetuating the ethnic politics of the BN. If he is championing the rights of all citizens (regardless of race and religion) then he should have make a wiser judgment about the leadership qualities of Christina and Dr. Jeffery.

  9. Temberang besar saja si Gapari tu , dia adalah seorang politician yang pandai mengunakan sentiment rakyat untuk mengugut pemimpin , tapi yang dia salah tafsir bukan semua rakyat suka dia , cuma dua tiga ekor anjing setia saja yang selalu menyalak . sekarang dia kasi tinggal tu anjing-anjing dia di luar pagar dan dia bilang bukan anjing dia . kalau sayalah anjing tu saya gigit si Gapari balik.

  10. We ,the people of Sabah are very happy to hear that Dr Jeffery resigning from PKR .
    Now ,we are sad and confused when Dato Sri announced that he is back .
    W T F is with P K R ...if you can't even control one silly people how can you control the smart people of Sabah .???

  11. I am very disappointed that leaders such as jeffrey kitingan and christina who had attacked openly and harshly against pkr and their leaders including anwar ibrahim are given another chance for top posts in pkr. What a double standard. The wrong message is it is ok to attack pkr and their leaders to get what you want. Most likely, jeffrey and christina and the gang will use the same tactic again. But christina has one extra tactic, that is, to cry, which somehow was working for her.

  12. First Jeffery,Christina and their bandwagon of con-artist orchestrated the memorandum.There succeeded in unceremoniously removing Azmin Ali,then taking the party to hostage and ransom with ultimatums.

    With all their actions,one would have thought that they would have been sack from the party,regardless of their so-called "strength"(which actually amounts to ZERO).To the surprise of all the die hard members,supporters and fence sitters,DSAI took them back.

    Wrong signals have now been sounded and the party will surely now disintegrate and rot.DSAI has made a wrong mathematical decision,which will create a wave of displeasure among the people of Sabah with the view of supporting PKR in the next general elections.

    Already many are deciding to leave en-bloc,and unless a messiah is within the mist,PKR is going to be history.

    DSAI,speak to people who have the people's passion in their hearts and knows who the real enemy are.Jeffery and Christina are not what you assume to be.Your decision has created in no uncertain terms,the beginning of the end of PKR.

    Jeffery's plan is taking shape,to destroy PKR,and you're either blind or dumb to think that Jeffery and gang are strengthening the party.This is so Pathetic,especially coming from such a polished man as yourself.

    The new line up announced by Thamrin(a stooge of Jeffery)is again testimony of his relationship with Jeffery.Sadly in name,Thamrin is the State Chief,but performs as instructed by Jeffery.

    If this is how PKR is going to portray itself to the eyes of the people,then we have wrongly supported what DSAI has been professing all along,reform and change.

    There is no reform and change agenda at all.

    Barisan Reformasi Sabah.

  13. Ronnie, quite obvious this masterpeice is your work. But, no matter who wrote it, I agree totally with what were written. I was in the convention with my friends. The 20th december convention is the only impressive and successful political function held by PKR Sabah ever since PKR has stepped foot in Sabah. We were especially impressed by the huge crowd and supporters who stayed with the convention to the end for more than 5 hours without any expensive lunch or coffee break. Based on the feedback from the convention, there is no doubt that without leaders like Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR Sabah will be even stronger and more popular amongst Sabahans.

  14. UMNO/BN are laughing all the way to the next GE13.Their plan to plant Jeffery to destroy PKR has succeeded with flying colours.

    And the fool who fell right smack into UMNO/BN's trap is DSAI himself.Hello DSAI,are you another Badawi,sleeping?Wake up,Jeffery is destroying PKR and you're contributing to his action plan.Have you lost your mind,or worst off lost your bloody testicles?DSAI,talks about loving the party and respecting the decisions of the party leaders,if this is what we're supposed to support,you can go to hell.

    Kadazan Warriors.

  15. Anon..December 25 10.08pm,

    I couldn't agree with you more,that Ronnie could be behind this masterpiece.He should be commended for outlaying the truth,kudos to Ronnie.

    Ronnie has displayed balls of steel and has certainly rallied the younger generation to support PKR.He has performed beyond everyone's expectation and open the eyes and ears of Sabahans.Even UMNO/BN Sabah has now considered him a treat,as well as the rebellious group within PKR.

    Justice Pao.

  16. PKR Sabah already lost all credibility in terms of leadership and halatuju.No crisis?? You people must be dreaming,there's a turmoil happening,and all you people only interested in post.Terima Kasih Jeffery,kita sudah berjaya hancur PKR Sabah.

    Anyway,I glad things have worked out this way,now UMNO in Sabah sure win next election.Kong Hong Ming can now go on his knees and beg Yong Teck Lee to take him.As for the rest better join UMNO or PBS,LDP.

    Hidup UMNO.

  17. Jenis pemimpin apa si thamrin ini?huru hara sedang berlaku dalam PKR,dan thamrin hanya tunduk dengan keputusan bahawa Jeffery diterima semula.Silap besar kami kaum suluk menyokong beliau.Kami mendesak supaya thamrin letak jawatan sebagai ketua perhubungan negeri atau kami akan bungkus kamu dalam pilihanraya ke13,kasi malu saja orang sandakan.

    pengundi Libaran

  18. To Ronnie and his friends, there is no doubt your work is helpful and important to get some message and information across to those who surf the blogs. But please do not get carried away. Talk can be cheap. Politics on the ground and people support to any political party is nothing like just criticizing or attacking politicians in the blogs or put up a few articles here and there to draw some comments. It is a lot lot more persistent hard work and networking on the ground involving much effort and human interaction which are not visible. In any event, most people especially in Sabah do not know what is happening in the blog. If politics is all about writing and talks in the blog, then all PKR or BN have to do is to employ many bloggers to keep on writing. Some of the important elements include good party agenda, good leadership, service to the people. Then, information and publicity then are important. Unlike in west malaysia, there is much to be done for our local blogs to be effective and influential. In west malaysia, characters like Jeffrey Kitingan would have been mercilessly slaughtered and torn into pieces instead of having field days using malaysiakini. Please carry on your good work and do more to expose the political pretenders and master con artists in Sabah.

  19. Jeffrey Kitingan and Chritina Liew should be awarded an Oscar as the best actor and best actress in Sabah politics.

  20. Nobleman~great work. Please do a piece as to how clowns like gosibin, slyvester, evelyn,raisun, gapari etc etc were ushered in by the mob consisting of gapari, daniel, kanul & Ag sah. Otherwise Tenom, Papar, Keningau etc will still be in the good hands of pioneers and loyalists Daniel RIGAY, Saidi and Janis.Members list were sexed up, umno/sapp members voted, meetings were conducted by Kanul/ag shah instead of the divisions.

  21. The return of JK & CL is like keeping snakes among the golden-eggs-laying geese, the outcome will be: no geese no eggs for PKR Sabah.

    RPK, at the end of his article: "Finally, light at the end of the tunnel" cautions "....I just hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a fast train coming....."

    Run or change track now before it's too late!!

  22. Gapari and Christina Hadikasumo is nothing but a parasites in PKR , Gapari was appointed VP because of 18,000 strong KDMTF members joining PKR during Tambunan declaration ,but on second count less than 5,000.
    Puan Hadikasumo had an easy ride behind party President and Fauziah Salleh support every party election for supreme council seat despite her KK division annual AGM corum of only 33+/- .Now these parasites thought that they are big enough to threaten PKR ,well looks like they've done it.


  23. I am concern what is Thamrim is going to say about this? Or what PKR are going to say about this current fiasco about Jeffery and Christina?

    Have they no statement to be made? or ... you guys don't know what to do?

    As leaders you should press a word of assurence to the rakyat that may still think that you are the leaders for PKR.

    But then, this proof that Thanrim, Jeffry and Christina are "soi-lang, u-lung" ... this fiasco Ronnie posted in the blog was almost a week old but still nothing from you guys!!!!!

    BN/UMNO have done it again.