Monday, November 30, 2009

Another BN "Fixed Deposit"

New Straight Times – 25 Nov 2009 – carried an article: Salman Majid was declared a Malaysian citizen by the High Court in KL on 24 Nov 2009.

The Court ruled that the Immigration Department Director-General failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Salman had obtained his Malaysian identity card fraudulently. Salman’s counsel were Karpal Singh and Ramkarpal Singh, and his witness was former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh.

Salman Majid, 47 years old, was detained for 199 days by Immigration authority in KLIA in March 2005. His Malaysian IC and passport were confiscated and Malaysian citizenship revoked. The reason for the revocation was that he was born in Pakistan but he falsified his Statutory Declaration (Sijil Akuan) in the 80’s when applying for his Sabah Blue IC by stating that he was born in 1962 in Ranau, Sabah.

He was released from detention after a senior politician sent a letter to the Home Ministry confirming that he had been a “loyal voter”.

After released he filed suit against the Government for wrongful revocation and detention and sought a Court declaration that he was a Malaysian citizen in possession of Malaysian identity card and passport.

Salman said to reporters outside the court room: “I have always regarded myself a Malaysian since I’ve been living here for the past 24 years and have voted in three general elections. Three of my six children were born here.”

Court trial is about submitting evidence to prove one’s argument.

One wonders why couldn’t the Malaysian Immigration Department and Malaysian Government provide the necessary evidence?

Salman was allegedly born in 1962 in Ranau.

Did he have birth certificate?

If not, was a “late birth- certificate” applied for?

Was the Sijil Akuan signed by an authorised Native Chief?

If so, is the Native Chief still alive now?

Who were Salman’s parents? What were his parents doing in Ranau then?

Where did Salman attend schools?

But Salman said that he was in Malaysia only for the past 24 years. Where was he in the other 23 years? So did he attend school in Sabah? If not, why not?

Only three of his six children were born in Malaysia. Where were the other three born?

What was the citizenship of his children? If Malaysian, what were their respective IC numbers?

What is his wife’s citizenship? Where did they get married?

One would think that the Immigration Department should be in the position to ask all above at least and more. But they failed. One wonders if the Immigration Department was under directive not to provide the necessary evidence. From my investigations the Project ICs issued to foreigners fraudulently had their numbers as follows: H0288001 to H0384000 and H0480001 to H0576000; and many more not detected yet by me.

Salman Majid was a carpet importer and labour supplier. He had an IC with the number H0352141 – and his new IC number is 620202-12-5053, coded 12 which indicates Sabah-born Malaysian.

“Loyal voter” – is this referred as the BN “fixed deposit” that BN could not afford to lose them? In Sabah there are evidence to show that at least 70,000 Project IC holders are registered in Sabah electoral rolls.

Dr. Chong Eng Leong


  1. Project IC started to emerge after PBS won the election in l985. For fear of a non Muslim CM to run the State, project was initiated with one eye closed by those in auhtorities. Today the KDM has no chance to be the CM of the State. This is based on the manulation of State Constituencies and the injection of phamtom voters. It is no secret that prior to the State elction in l999 a prominent figure(identified) rushed to and fro to Putra Jaya in connection with Project IC. Kawang Constutiency is a good exmaple where residents of Pulau Gaya of foreign origins came in full force to cast their votes. The present YB has openly remarked that he care no hoots for the KDM in his constinuence because without them, wining the next elections is no problem. Hpw would be the local people especially the KDM react to this injustices? Dr. E.L. Chong just cannot fight the battle alone. So let us do something about it.

  2. Dr. Chong, i thank you on behalf of my children for standing tall to ensure people of Sabah will wake up and stand behind you to protest what is not right for Sabah.

    Project IC had raped the rights of the people, vandalise any hope of getting to be heard and murdering the future of the true generations of Sabahans.

    I don't know what our leaders in Politic are doing, PBS, UPKO, PBRS, LDP and anymore? Our so called Huguan Siou, what has he done in this issue, we heard he was lying to his people again that by 2012, all PTIs problem will be over, because he said that he will look into it seriously,he said during PBS convention at KDCA, Now haven't we heard about his 9 years ago? has he done anything about this?

    But what i have read in blogs some where, that he and his entire family had a PR in Australia, and so do Dompok? So are these leaders really care to fight for sabahans. How can they be sleeping everynight knowing that there are 70,000 or more people like Salman Majid in Sabah?

    Are they be sleeping smiling or don't care? Knowing that they will win elections after elections because of these project ic.

    Dr. Chong, thank you again, and PKR Sabah, learn to work togetther, Dr. Jeffry why are you going to form a new party, are you too going to burn the hope of sabahans to aleast to achieve what was in the Tambunan Declaration? You have been given the top position in PKR what more do you want? A president? than be your own boat!!!

  3. Kalau kau tinguk si Salman Majid, kau perchaya ka yg dia ni baru 47 tahun? tembirang betul.

    Muda lagi si johan Ghani sia nampak dari dia.

    Kalau tembirang, tembirang lah bah. Ada kah orang buat DNA verification, tinguk gia, kalau betul dia tu 47 tahun.. cheey...

  4. i was lived in semporna sabah 8 years ago. i was by back door. but when i was inside in semporna there so many people offer for u to stay legal. at first the issue banci i got one after a years i was lived in a chinese from west malaysia then we a have a kids boys both of them. when my delivery time my two sons have birth certifecate from the pendaftaran sign by the doctor
    the years go by. one day the philippines goverment was sent the foriegn official to issued the pass portto filipinos whos illegal workers
    i was included to get one
    now i am cosidered legal. so i was regestered as regestered as a wife to my chinese husband
    so my passport guarantee to my husband.
    in the year of 200 unfortunately my husband passed away.
    so my two sons guarantee me to stay in semporna sabah in the emmegration.
    as a mother of two growing kids so horrrible for to provide they need.
    so i was remarry the amirecan men who help to support my growing kids in semporna.
    before i came to usa i apply my two sons passport to bring back in my country
    before my visa come from current husband
    the immegression in semporna let me paid fro processing they give me a reciept and ask me wait for a month
    after a month, of the officer in emmegression told me
    that they wont give the pass port unless my son have ic. so i go to tawau and file again
    desame answer.
    so i wait until my sons twelve years old
    until now my two sons teen agers still receipt
    they 17 years old and 15 years old.
    my two sons growed with my present.
    i sent the money for there foods and educations
    but with out my guide personally as a mother so scarry for to think how sons futures with out guidance.
    but i say some people was not borned in malaysia they got ic. just payed thousand of money u got it!!!