Monday, November 16, 2009

Sabah saved BN: Mahathir

Yes, BN was saved by Sabah (referring to March 2008 general election), saved by Project Mahathir (Project IC), BN fixed deposit.

Big majority of these ICs were issued during his time as PM. There is even a book (IC Projek Agenda Tersembunyi Mahathir?) by M. D. Mutalib published in 2005.

Sabahans know now that these Project ICs was about issuance of Malaysian ICs meant for Malaysian citizens to foreigners in Sabah who were mostly illegal immigrants. All this was done against the Laws and Constitution of Malaysia.

Of course BN Central Government has never acknowledged this, let alone wanting to solve it.

Police Reports after Reports had been lodged about foreigners in possession of Project ICs including the book mentioned above. But I was given the understanding that Police were instructed to accept the Reports lodged but not to investigate any.

This directive was confirmed when Parliament Select Committee on National Integrity was told of this Project Mahathir in June 2006, and when the Committee tried to dig deep into the Project, the National Registration Dept was directed by the powers that be to stop answering the Committee's inquiry.

PM Najib is saying now that Sabah illegal immigrants problems were the results of local Sabahans. To some extent this is true. But Najib personally stated 10 years ago that such problems were serious in Sabah but nothing seemed to have been done by the Central Gov't. Then he only referred to those without documents. He has never, in fact, no PM ever, mentioned on seriousness of Project ICs issued to illegal immigrants.

Announcing Sept 16 as a national holiday by Najib two months ago was just to please Sabahans as BN wants Sabah votes. Just to remind us all: last year Sept Najib said that there should be only one National day for the country..........that is 31st August..........this is our stand..... Where is the sincerity? If really sincere, please amend the Constitution, Article 160, on the Interpretation of National Day or Merdeka Day.

That should be what he wants if he really means it – 1Malaysia. But here again, there is no sincerity on his part because if really 1Malaysia, why hydroelectricity from Bakun Dam in Sarawak is not for Sabah when it is to be channeled to Peninsula and Kalimantan Indonesia? 1Malaysia people first – Kalimantan Indonesia first before Sabah! Wake up Sabahans!

He knows that Sabah needs electricity that he is pushing hard to have coal-generated electricity plant built in Sabah. Where is the logic and sincerity? Sabah has natural gases but channeled to Sarawak. Three to four Billion Ringgit were needed to build the coal-generated plant and an unknown cost of coal needed to run the plant. When coal from foreign countries run out or too costly the Maliau Basin would then be mined for its coal? Not only cost us money but also our beautiful heritage if the coal-generated plant is to go on.

Wake up Sabahans. We have been taken for a very rude ride all these decades!

This article is written by Dr. Chong En Leong , Senior PKR Activist.


  1. Doc, Sabahans have very short memory and it is even shorter if they are given awards,positions and contracts...they fail to realise that under the alliance then BN, their political power is eveporating, state's assests are depleating, the natives are being uprooted while some of us are more concerned what position we hold.More should be like you, struggle for justice without a care for what position you hold.I salute you.

  2. You missed the point doc,the target is not the coal in Meliau but the G-O-L-D.I was informed that prospecting Licence had been given to a yayasan sabah subsidiary. The company will be run by Baharom, former SB chief of Sabah.Dig deeper my friend.

  3. WE HAVE WOKEN UP!! Do not fear Doc, BN is history this next GE. After reading your article, it really irritates me that the GE is still a long way off. I wish it to be tomorrow. As a native of Sabah, i am utterly disappointed with the blatant disregard for every Sabahans rights and have strongly advocated a change in govt. My coffeeshop talk is always to "open the eyes" of those around me by telling the real corruption and disregard of BN to the Sabahans. Lets make a change and vote BN out!

  4. All this while Sabahans have been acting like pa turut. I find the situation in Sarawak very different. No wonder, the Sarawakians are proud people for they unlike us cannot be pulled around or bullied by Federal heavy weights. Nearly all the Federal head in Sabah are outsiders, but not in Sarawak.Federal officers in Sabah are treated like a lord almost comparable to the whiteman in colonial days. In Sarawak, Federal officers, are treated not more than they are deserved according to standard protocol. Because of our overzealous generousity, it is seen as a weakness and a source of exploitation. Sabah needs more ' radical minded ' people like Dr. E.L.Chong. Sadly there are hardly any. As i have said before the one Malaysia concept is just a diversion. I hope Sabahans will unceasingly express openly to opposed agaInst the 'big bullies' from KLumpur. Let us open our eyes and emulate the Sarawakians.