Monday, August 17, 2009

Kudat folk show their disgust in the face of DPM's visit

The quiet , harmonious and peaceful town of Kudat, situated in the northern part of Sabah, was abuzzed with excitement and renewed vigor on Sunday 16th August 09, not because of Tan Sri Muhyuddin Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister Of Malaysia – of whom even among those with the lowest IQ know that he is only good at hurling false accusations at just about anybody who is fair-minded and innocent – but more so because the peace loving people in this serene town had at last found truly realistic ray of hope when the newly appointed State PKR leadership arrived there for their maiden roadshow.

After years and years of abuse and neglect by Umno-lead BN government, it was hardly surprising that the conference room at RIA hotel was jam-packed with members, supporters and well wishers. What does this genuine show of support prove? Don’t forget they were not paid a single sen to entice them to come and neither were they given any promise that they would be paid whatever amount f money, unlike the standard practice of BN where tons and tons of the rakyats money were distributed wantonly.

Well, such an outpouring of overwhelming support simply goes to prove beyond any doubt that PKR/Pakatan Rakyat is already well poised to wrest the State Government from Umno/BN in the next election. In their trade mark arrogant and delusional manner , Umno/BN may laugh it off as a foolish dream on the part PKR/Pakatan Rakyat, but we will see who will laugh the last and the loudest in the aftermath of the next general election when the blood sucking, incompetent, ineffective and corrupted incumbent Umno/BN government will be decisively and undisputedly booted out of office in a landslide decision made by the disgusted rakyat in Sabah.

Among the state leaders of PKT in the roadshow were Deputy Chiefs - Kong Hong Ming, Dr.Hamzah Amir, John Ghani, Secretary - Ahmad Tamrin, Deputy Secretary - Adris Taripin, Treasurer - Dr.Roland Chia, Director of Communications - Ronnie Klassen, Legal Bureau Chief - Chau Chin Tang, Wanita Rep - Bernadette Wong and Activist - Dr.Chong En Leong. This is a clear indication that they are committed to getting down to the grassroot level to bring about a change for the better

A strong supporter, Ustaz Kahar when asked how he felt about the new leadership lineup replied “This is a good lineup, young and mixed blend of dynamic individuals who are prepared to listen to the people. This is the leadership we want.” After Kudat, the state leadership also proceeded to cover Kota Marudu and Kota Belud where similar sentiments were shared among the members and supporters as well.While in Kota Marudu,Cabang Chief Anthony Pilit handed over to the state leadership 250 new members to the party.

By a stroke of coincidence, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri
Muhyuddin Yassin was also in Kudat to officiate the Kudat Umno division’s annual general meeting. As expected and typical of Umnos’s propensity to exhibit the ever sickening arrogant behavior, he arrived in a helicopter like and Oil Sheik baron.

When he made his return to Kota Kinabalu, it was reported that the helicopter in which Sabah’s Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussien was also traveling in, was forced to make an emergency landing in Tuaran.

Whilst we are genuinely relieved that nothing untoward happened to the DPM and his entourage, one just can’t help but to wonder whether this incident could be a sign from somewhere that the unscrupulous, heavy-handed, dictatorial and the corrupted ways of Umno/BN will just have to come to an absolute and permanent end soon in the hands of the honest and fair-minded, and the long suffering rakyat of Kudat, Kota Marudu, Kota Belud and……. The whole of Sabah for that matter.

Penyokong dan Ahli Jati PKR tampil dengan padu walaupun dengan kehadiran Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Bandar sepi Kudat yang terletak di utara Sabah merasa sungguh gembira hari ini. Harapan
penyokong PKR di Kudat seakan-akan dibangunkan semula setelah menerima kunjungan daripada barisan pemimpin PKR Sabah yang baru. Kunjugan ini merupakan satu perhentian mesra bersama rakyat dan barisan pemimpin PKR ini akan mengadakan lawatan ke seluruh Sabah. Perjumpaan julung kali ini telah diadakan di bilik mesyuarat Hotel Ria Kudat. Lawatan seperti ini telah meyakinkan kepada rakyat bahawa masa untuk bertukar telah tiba dan barisan pemimpin PKR akan bertarung tanpa henti demi kepentingan rakyat. Pemimpin UMNO/BN mungkin merasa ini adalah semata-mata cerita dongeng tetapi melihat kepada sokongan daripada rakyat di Kudat, masa untuk bertukar akan tetap berlaku.

Antara barisan pemimpin PKR yang hadir ke kunjugan mesra ini adalah Timbalan Ketua Kong Hong Ming, John Ghani, Setiausaha PKR Negeri Encik Ahmad Tamrin, Timbalan Setiausaha Encik Adris Taripin, Bendahari Dr. Roland Chia,, Pengarah Kommunikasi Negeri Encik Ronnei Klassen, Ketua Biro Peguam PKR Chau Chin Tang, Wakil Wanita Puan Bernadette Wong dan Dr. Chong En Leong.

Penyokong Ustaz Kahar merasa gembira dan berpuas hati dengan barisan pemimpin baru PKR yang dinamik, segar, muda dan sedia untuk mendengar suara rakyat. “Inilah kualiti pemimpin yang kita mahu”. Beliau berkata. Dalam kunjugan ini, barisan pemimpin PKR, mesra bersama rakyat juga telah berkunjung ke Kota Marudu dan Kota Belud.

Dalam masa yang sama Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tan Seri Muhyuddin Yassin juga mengadakan lawatan ke Kudat untuk merasmikan mesyuarat tahunan UMNO bahagian Kudat. Seperti Baron (orang kaya-kaya) minyak Sheikh Muhyuddin dan seperti pemimpin UMNO yang lain dating dengan penuh gaya mewah, dan diterbangkan dengan helicopter. Adalah dilaporkan bahawa semasa rombongan Timbalan Perdana Menteri terbang balik ke Kota Kinabalu, helicopter yang mereka naiki terpaksa mendarat di Tuaran dengan penuh kecemasan kerana cuaca yang kurang baik, Walaupun kita bershukur bahawa mereka semua terselamat, tetapi mungkinkah ini merupakan suatu permulaan kepada alamat yang buruk.

Dalam ucapan janji beliau dan UMNO, UMNO akan sekali lagi focus kepada pembangunan di luar Bandar terutama di Sabah dan Sarawak melalui skim NKRA (National Key Result Areas) dan akan memberikan focus kepada pembanguan asas diluar Bandar. Adalah diingatkan kepada Orang Kaya Minyak ini bahawa rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak tidak mahu pembangunan ASAS sahaja, tetapi komitmen yang tulin daripada kerajaan UMNO dan memastikan infrastuktur dan pelbagai keperluan lain harus dibangunan khusus untuk generasi kini. Kerana pemimpin UMNO memang suka berjanji tetapi jandi tidak dimahkotakan. Ini lah janji terang bulan UMNO dan rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak masih merupakan rakyat termiskin di seluruh Malaysia. Beliau berharap janji pembangunan ini dilaksanakan sebelum pilihan raya akan datang.


  1. Tahniah diatas kewujudan Blogspot setelah dinantikan sekian lama. Tahniah kepada pengarah komunikasi PKR Sabah diatas usaha ini. Wadah ini akan merancakkan lagi hujanan komen-komen yang membena daripada penyokong dan pendukung akar umbi.

    Jalumin B Samin
    Pengerusi Cabang PKR Kota Belud.

  2. I was not astounded with the provocation made by the blogger. The people of Kudat were extremely delighful with the DPM visit. They welcome him apparently and some dishearten folks were captivated by this sudden visit. This leader should be a role model and we as malaysian should be practising and supporting the 1Malaysia campaign. Together we could make the different. Cheers

  3. Hello Sharpshooter,
    Whatever you're shooting,it surely looks like blanks.Your political masters have enough shoe polishers in his bag.If it's your intention to make an impression,you have to stand in line.

    Your either deaf,dumb or blind,Muhyuddin role model?If this was UMNO's blog and your comment was in favour of PKR,they would have deleted your comment.You're fortunate that PKR practice fairness to all.

    This blogger have proven beyond doubt of his impeccable credibility.I somehow can't say the same about you.Please check your own blog before you pass judgment.Sharpshooter,go back to blogging school and then come back.

    Uncle Lim.

  4. Sharpshooter if yr a Sabahan, god help us. What a boot licker. I think you'll eat his faeces if he ask u too. Have some pride la. Sudden visit my a@#. His there because he has too la not because he wants too. Sudden! U really must be an illegal looking for a quick IC.

  5. Congratulations. Great start. Keep up the good work so far. When Pakatan takes over Sabah, I would like to propose that you be appointed the Deputy TYT for a start. I would also propose that we have a democraticaly Sultan in Sabah to preside over the spiritual affairs of our Muslim brothers. The Sultan of Sabah should be elected by the Majlis Raja Raja Melayu including the TYT of Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and Malacca.

  6. Power and position has been the foremost agenda of UMNO/BN...period.This will continue unless the present government is thrown out for good.

    Yes,I agree KK has improved in it's development,but without it being profited by Musa Aman.You cannot ignored this unless you are part of this conspiracy and profited from it as well.

    So to all those who are still licking the feet of Musa Aman and his cronies,wake up la,this is a new horizon.We don't buy this cheap shot anymore.Cukup la all this bullshit,we're no longer umur 5 tahun.

    The young generation.

  7. Odoi odoi baparang kaurang pasal no sianu? DPM? Katau ka yg dia tu takut cakap Ingeris macam sia. Patut la pula mau betul-butul dia kasi balik tu bahasa Melayu kana ajar di sikulah. sabab anak-anak dia semua pigi luar negeri, anak anak orang kita ni,,, biar la cakap yes no yes no saja ba.. Sedangkan si Sultan kita masuk news tu, bilang English is numbor satu... ni ka pula sianu DPM?

    Bah kalau kita jilat kaki dia macam orang-orang Sabah sukung UMNO bah biarlah... Sukung la kamu tu!!!!

    Yes no yes no...

  8. Orang Kudat sekurang kurangnya bagus lagi, Si Ketua Menteri sikijab diorang Datuk Chong Kah Kiat kasi bangun lagi Kudat. Punya cantik Kudat sekarang. Si Timbalan Perdana Menteri pun mau datang....

    Tapi pigi mai sana Tambunan om... odoi.. kalau si oto bilang Otukoi!!!!! ngaa no harapan. Dari Kenaikan sampai lah Si Huguan Kita tu keturunan... orang Tambunan tatap sompori-pori... Yang hairan masih orang KDM suka sama dia!.

    Hairan Bte Ajaib

  9. Hi uncle lim,

    I am extremely sorry for you. I was not being a shoe polisher to anyone but my judgmental comments were based on what we see in everyday's life.

    Furthermore, we dont use harsh words to condemn others. Only uncivilised human beings do such thing. Im pity for you though..

  10. The truth has always been a very bitter pill to swallow by many,Borneosharpshooter you are certainly no exception.

    Judgmental comments??You choice of words seriously need to be put under a microscope,and your "assessment" is very kindergarden.I can see that you have the desire to make an impression,but do it right.The blogsphere is transparent,but professing your "judgemental comments"must carry credibility,starting with your own blog.

    Uncle Lim.

  11. Hey this no brain Borneosharpshooter has a blog!!!! His england is so lame! Pls la take that Borneo out of yr name. U must be one of those remnant of Project IC. Sabahans will not swoop that low.

  12. Saya ahli PKR tapi kenapa mesti Azman Ali jadi pengerusi PKR Sabah? DJ tidak layakkah? Pemimpin-pimimpin Sabah yang lain tidak layakka? Azmin timbalan pengerusi..DJ pun timbalan pengerusi dalam PKR jadi apa masalahnya..Azmin tu paling pintarkah sampai ndada peminpin Sabah yang setanding dengannya.
    Apa rationalnya....macam PKR pun sama juga dengan UMNO..."neo-colonialist"

  13. I belong to the young generation,a lawyer by profession and a strong supporter of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.Why are there people advocating who's able to lead and who's not able to lead?

    Allow me to state my stand,where are the merits of our leaders?The only thing that's visibly seen today is constant bickering,back stabbing and professing that you're better then the other leaders.Are these the qualities that you're showing to the young generation?

    Stop being hypocrites and get down to work to ensure victory for PKR in the next elections or be assured we shall make sure you are history.

  14. Young lawyer,

    While we have a common purpose of ensuring victory for PKR in the next election, we also have a duty to ensure that our leaders are from among us.

    You dont expect a Ketua Kampong from Kudat to be "APPOINTED" as the Ketua Kampong of say Kg. Nosoob, Penampang. And worst, the appointment is by someone outside of Sabah.

    PKR needs to put its house in order. And it is high time that a leader is recognised by PKR Pusat and given the power to decide for his people NOT a pupet.


  15. My fellow anonymous camaraderie in PKR,I may agree with you to a certain extend,the house must be put in order.PKR pusat must decide a local to lead,but who?The main players appear to be championing their own agenda portraying their supremacy.

    What must be seen as happening is to unite and work in ensuring victory and not bickering and back stabbing as mentioned by Young Lawyer.

    Let us prove our worth NOW and not based on past glories.I do not personally know any of the leaders in the new state line-up,but the Director Of Communications is surely a great asset to PKR Sabah.His credibility,capability, courage,vocal and no nonsense as displayed in his own blog speaks well.

    So gentleman,let's put down all this ego and start working,the young generation are watching.

    Political Science Graduate.

  16. For people who dream to become a politician one day, I would advise you all to stop dreaming. See, what happens to ADUN Lunas?

    Uncle Lim, what say u? kik kik kik

    Cheers n God bless......

  17. sorry lah political science graduate, you may be either old timer or new comer not to know any one in PKR. If you pick to know Ronnie K, my guess is you are too young to know enough. It is up to you to know what you want to know. Now you know. Can you do more than just knowing. You participate. Not my business to tell you what to do. You know what to do. I agree that what you said about internal bickering and back stabbing were all bitter true. PKR leaders wasted too much time. May be few of them or their supporters had selfish agenda - wanting to be CM Sabah or want to destroy certain leader so that he will have a chance to move up. But we know WHO they are. A few will leave PKR if they dont get what they want for themself. Because the ways they conducted themself in public and privately exposed their agenda. My assessment is all those who had the habit of attacking or criticising other leaders are the main culprits. Very often, they have a big ego, they think they are the best in PKR or in sabah. If these few could not even run PKR in sabah for these past years, how could they run the whole state. No other way, unite PKR, remove selfish leaders, win the next election and pick the best man to lead the state. For the new state line-up, I want to give them a chance.

  18. Borneosharpshooter,perhaps you would like to share your own political ambitions.You tell the people to stop dreaming of being politicians,but you practice something else in your own political aspirations.Does Berjaya Baru ring a bell?Stop being a hypocrite...!!!

    Is Lunas the only example you can think of?What about the Permatang Pasir candidate for UMNO?The 10 million fiasco Tiong to Ong?The Altantuya murder?The millions robbed by Musa Aman from the people of Sabah?The power grab of Perak by UMNO?YOU HAVE A VERY SHORT MEMORY.

    Orang Penampang.

  19. I was in kudat recently. It is back to the same old town I used to knew. Old folk town or a dead town. What happened to the million and million of ringgit spent in kudat by the previous CM. Not difficult and certainly nothing to be proud of in using the entire state resources on one constituency where CM came from making fat contracts for CM's cronies. That is BN style. Always the CM and his cronies sucked up the state resources. No wonder so many want to become CM SABAH. But who is to blame, the sabahan. Afterall, sabahan gave a lease of new life to BN when people in the west HAD rejected BN. I wonder whether Sabahan have woken up by now after 308 and the many scandalous evemts had happened in the west. Are you awken and alert, my fellow Sabahans?

  20. what happened to Kudat Mazu now? May be Musa Aman and Chong Kah Kiat can enlighten us the latest? Or may be we have to wait until Musa Aman has stepped down as Sabah CM for Mazu to come up? If BN entire government and all BN component parties and their leaders can not even solve a small problem like the Mazu case, whether to build or not to build, whatelse can sabahans expect BN to do for the people of Sabah? May be PBS' silent approach is the right strategy?

  21. PBS is not being silent,they have actually lost all credibility to even talk...Period.

    Only PKR can rescued the Mazu now.Musa's plan has been accomplished by approving another Mazu to be built.Even the Chinese Goddess must be control by Musa.

  22. That is why PBS has to use such leader like Herbert Timbung Lagadang to entice Dr Jeffry and attack Anwar Ibrahim while senior PBS leaders apply silenct approach in order for these senior PBS leaders to prepare a contingency plan to frog-jump into PKR or Pakatan Rakyat when BN falls in the next election. Talks that Herbert is now having the service of Kanul Gindol once Dr Jeffry's 'sidekick'. Good luck to Herbert. Donot forget, Kanul had once caused Dr Jeffery in hot soup.

  23. who is Herbert in PBS anyway? Mind his own business as assistant minister in ? ministry. Only God knows what is he doing with his portfolio?

  24. Herbert bermain-main dengan Dr Jeffry sahaja. Tetapi Jeffry juga mahu ikut main-main. Steadt lah Dr Jeffry. Harapan tinggi dalam PKR dan pakatan rakyat. Jangan lagi pergi ke sini sana. Imej cukup buruk dan jangan tambah rosak lagi.

  25. happy to see PKR sabah is having a blog after so many years.

  26. Just work the talk & deliver. Want change? Have ourselves a good change of attitude first. Leave the crabs in any of the seafood restaurant in town. He he