Sunday, August 23, 2009

"When a communal party becomes a racist party, it will destroy the country!" - Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

In clear simple words Datuk Zaid Ibrahim drove home the message: "Malaysia is for all Malaysians, not for a particular race. If we can understand this and try not to think of ourselves as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or Ibans then we are truly Malaysians." These were the key words in his first maiden visit to Sabah when addressing more then 500 members, supporters and invited guests in Kota Kinabalu.

Another important message from him was that ..."it was time for politics to have principles." He said that while Barisan Nasional's (BN) strength lay "in its power (over) the police, Election Commission and control of the media ... that of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lay in the consultation, brotherhood and fraternity."

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim also stressed that "PKR is a party for all and not for a particular race. UMNO has become so disillusioned with its struggle, to the extend that it will do anything and at any cost, to stay in power, even to the extend that the people have to suffer for it. This is where PKR differs he said; for PKR struggles for all races and all the people."

He added: "This country was built by many groups of people. Negara cemerlang, terbilang, gemilang - this is all our contribution, all the communities."

The event also witnessed the launching of a book titled "Lest We Forget" written by activist and now PKR member, Dr.Chong Eng Leong.

Among the National and State PKR leaders that attended the event themed "An Evening with Zaid Ibrahim" were PKR Vice President Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan, Supreme council member Christina Liew, Sabah Deputy Chairman Datuk Kong Hong Ming, Datuk John Ghani, Treasurer Dr.Roland Chia, Information Chief Jonathan Yasin, Director of Communications Ronnie Klassen, Cabang Chiefs and heads of the Wanita and Angkatan Muda movements.


Datuk Zaid Ibrahim berkata “Malaysia adalah untuk semua Warga Malaysia…tanpa mengira bangsa dan keturunan, kita harus memangil diri kita sebagai “Malaysian”. Bangsa Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan dan Iban adalah semua warga Malaysia yang sebenar dan Malaysia bukan untuk satu bangsa sahaja” Demikian nota utama ucapan beliau di hadapan lebih daripada 500 ahli dan penyokong PKR di suatu Majlis di Kota KInabalu.

“Tiba lah masanya untuk Politik memiliki dasar asas” Kata beliau. “sementara kekuatan Barisan National (BN) terletak kepada cengkaman kuasa kepada pihak polis, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya dan pihak akhbar di Malaysia…. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) bergantung kepada kepentingan konsultasi kepada kekeluargaan bersama.”

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim juga menekankan “PKR adalah parti untuk semua dan bukannya untuk bangsa yang tertentu sahaja. UMNO telah menjadi disilusi dengan cengkaman kuasa mereka, dan sanggup melakukan apa sahaja, sebarang kos untuk mencengkam kuasa, dan UMNO sanggup merangkul segalanya sehingga rakyat merana. Ini lah dimana PKR berlainan dengan UMNO, PKR berjuang untuk satu bangsa Malaysia dan untuk semua raykat Malaysia.”

Sambung beliau, “Negara ini dibangunkan oleh semua rakyat Malaysia, “Negara Cemerlang, Terbilang dan Gemilang” ini lah sumbangan kita bersama sebagai warga Malaysia untuk Malaysia.”

Majlis yang berjodol “Malam bersama Zaid Ibrahim” ini juga telah menyaksikan perlancaran buku yang ditulis oleh Dr. Chong Eng Leong yang berjodol “Lest We Forget”. Antara pemimpin National dan Negeri PKR yang turut hadir pada malam tersebut adalah PKR Vice President Datuk Dr. Jeffery Kitingan, Ahli Kounsil Tertinggi Puan Christina Liew, Timbalan Pengerusi Sabah, Datuk Kong Hong Ming, Datuk John Ghani, Bendahari Dr. Roland Chia, Ketua Perhubungan Encik Jonathan Yasin, Pengarah Communikasi Encik Ronnei Klassen, Ketua-ketua Bahagian, Ketua Wanita dan Pemuda dan jemputan-jemputan khas.


  1. I really believe in the spirit of Malaysian, where the only reason why we are co-existing harmoniously in Malaysia because we believe that we are Malaysian and we are proud of being Malaysian.

    Sadly, thousands of good Malaysian are migrating out from Malaysia and willingly adopt new culture, new believe system, new inspirations and new hope. Because in many cases these are not available in Malaysia, especially if you are not the chosen race. Minorities in Malaysian are more and more marginalized, the fate of the orang Asli in Malaysia can be best referred to as "kesian" people, and ethnic groups residing in Sabah and Sarawak well: they are still considered "dan lain-lain".

    Universities are giving out quota for Chinese, Indians and other "dan lain-lain" groups. For the past 50 years while BN is in power, privillages for minority groups have long gone down the drain, luckily we have this so called election, only during elections promises after promises will be given to the "dan lain-lain" rakyat. The faithful "dll" rakyat believes in the government so much, they only wish for is one thing, "Hope" for a better future, hope of getting my land title soon, hope of getting the road sealed so that they can bring their crops out to the tamu faster. But soon after the election, these wonderful promises are flown away like the flags that they left behind.

    At least these election materials will be giving hope and reason for the rakyat to collect them and use it as curtains, for playwoods; used as patching the holes in the roof. Yet another election, the same thing happened, the poor people in the remote areas become motivated now, that at least they have a reason to change the curtain that was long worn out, and perhaps that pieces of plywood to cover the holes in the roof again. Some of them wish that "if only the politicians painted the plywood, it will last longer"... Oh Malaysia Ku Gemilang, Oh Malaysia Ku boleh!.

  2. I was present at the function at Atlantis Restaurant.Datuk Zaid's talk was truly inspirational.But sadly,why did the organizers take so long to have Zaid brought to the venue?The people present were restless when told that the function would commence at 7pm,but Zaid only arrived at 8.15pm.This is not the first time,punctuality seem to be a major problem.

    I notice that the event was organized by the office of Jeffery Kitingan?Does that mean that PKR doesn't exist in the eyes of Jeffery?

    As a supporter of PKR,please stop all these popularity campaign and championing your own personal agenda.

    Kadazan Warrior.

  3. I think the organizers theme should have read as "An Evening With Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan".Who was actually the Guest of Honour?Was it Jeffery or Zaid?

    Jeffery's speech was certainly longer then Zaid..!!And to top it all the 2 MC's,Jalumin and Evelyn were exalting Jeffery.What the HELL was the actual agenda of this function?So disgusting and cheap publicity.

    Zaid must have been wondering,what was he doing there.Thank god he's a patient man.What business did Christina Liew had by even giving a speech?

    Dato Seri Anwar,please tell these desparadoes that it's the people that will decide,we're not stupid.My advice to these desparadoes glamouring for attention,shape up or ship out.

    Lawan tetap lawan.

  4. It was a good to listen to Zaid Ibrahim. I was at the bfunction because I was told it was a PKR function. Somehow, it was amazingly confusing when I read the backdrop stating that it was organized by pejabat Datuk Dr Jeffry Kitingan. Dr J is above PKR or PKR is above all its leaders. Was it too ambarassing to hold the function in PKR's name alone? Or this was a function to promote Dr Jeffry? May I remind that Dr Jeffry needs no promotion becuase sabahan know who he was Dr Jeffry. We can only hope that through PKR, he has changed to be a politician for the people. Somehow, Dr J never seem to get it right after so many years in politics. He doesnot seem to know or appreciate the importance of team work. By himself, Dr J is not going to get far. Not even his own constituency becuase he lost in state and parliamentary seats in last election. My advice to him is to leave his old baggage behind. Individual's past glory is gone for ever. Dr J may still have a chance to make a comeback if he focus on team work rather than his personal agenda. No more hero. Not evn for his brother Datuk Pairin. His two MC are a joke not realising that the guess of honour was Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. I donot know the lady MC relating to her badly narrated own experince making audience like me wondering where the story was leading to, she was blaming criminal per sec or PTI? No body knew. MC should be MC. My advice to PKR leaders, sabahan need no hero but leaders who genuinely have the people's interest and happiniess at heart. Let's see some good team work in PKR. I will not appear in any political function organized by any dubious organizer.

  5. It may be his style, but to me, Ziad Ibrahim appeared to be tired when it came to his turn to speak. I was there just to hear him. But it was good to hear Zaid Ibrahim. What was the relevance of having so many other speakers?

  6. only leaders who have a conscience will leave BN or UMNo like what Zaid Ibrahim did. I met so many UMNO leaders who condemned UMNO and BN leadership for what had happened but for the contracts and projects they have or hoping to have. They admitted to me they are in UMNO for the projects and handouts. They are not proud for what happened. It was so embarassing for them whenever they heard people attacking BN whereever they went, especially in the coffee shops. May be that s why UMNO leaders have to make the most while thing still lasts.

  7. Saya amat menyesal menghadiri majlis bersama Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.Seolah-olah majlis itu untuk menaikan nama Jeffery Kitingan,apakah tujuan sabenarnya Jeffery buat demikian?

    Pada saya memang ada motif,ada udang disebalik batu..!!!Tidak malu kah Jeffery,rakyat umum menyokong PKR.

    Saya amat kagum dengan sikap professional MAJLIS PIMPINAN NEGERI PKR SABAH yang baru ini.Teruskan perjuangan wahai permimpin baru kita.

    Ubahkan sikap Jeffery dan geng kamu,rakyat sedang meniliti gerak geri kamu,PKR bukan parti persendirian kamu.

    Saya juga amat tertarik dengan blog ini,kerana memberi ruang kepada penyukong PKR yang sekian lama hanya mendengar sahaja.


  8. Have any read entitled 'In good Faith ' written by Zaid Ibrahim? Take a copy if not. May be this book will convince oneself the true characteristic of the writer in facing the challenges to forge a tr Malaysia which truly belongs to all Malaysians.

    Zaid, hopefully will one day lead PKR. He is young, vibrant, and has the charsima. We hope to see him more often in Sabah, if not every nooks and corners of Malaysia.

  9. I have been observing PKR and its leaders. One thing that I can not understand is that its national leader, a vice president, Dr Jeffry Kitingan is giving all the wrong message to the sabah people. His sword-crossing with a junior and unknown leader in PBS, Herbert Timbung is a real embarassment to PKR and Anwar Ibrahim. What Dr Jeffry has to obliged such honour to fall into the trap set by PBS through Herbert whom even PBS leaders treated him as a real joker. He is just a messenger. Dr Jeffry signalled to Sabahans that he is willing to rejoin PBS if .... Does it mean if he can not get what he wishes for in PKR, he will leave PKR too? It is not any individal's desire that matters but the desire of the party. It is easy to take care of own's desire but not the desire of the whole, and in the case of Malaysia and Sabah, there are many other important considerations and poltical reality. Therefore, Party's agenda always comes first. It is dangerous to give false hope and high expectation that what can be achieved. It is a purely a case of manifestation of personal agenda putting PKR and Anwar Ibrahim in trouble water. But PKR must move on. People of Sabah need and desire a strong opposition and PKR a truely multi-racial political party, that provides the cohesion to PKR-PAS-DAP, has the right formula and approach to lead a better alternative goverment than BN.

  10. No one will dispute that Dr Chong En Leong is an activist in drawing awareness of the negatives of PTI. By now, all Sabahan adults are fully awrae of the old problems except the BN federal government who chose to use the problem to their plotical advantage to marginalize local natives especially KDM community reducing them to a minority group. But I just wonder whether Dr Chong has any viable and practical solution to the problem? I read his book 'Lest We forget'. I did not find any solution to the problem in his book. Quite disappointing. May be he forget to include his solutions to the problem. Any way, work harder and keep up the good work bearing in mind that we need you to offer a solution other than rehersing the problem over and over again. But you have made a right decision to join PKR. You may be an activist, please allow me to remind you that adopting and honouring team spirit in PKR is of utmost importance to be a good leader.

  11. I believe that it took Anwar Ibrahim some pains in appointing the current state leaders.Some may say it's a wrong line-up,but many are saying it's a good line-up and should be given a chance to prove themselves and must be supported.

    UMNO/BN has proven beyond doubt that their time is up,and nothing they do now can change anything. What PKR/Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah seriously need to do is to address issues of the people and prove their worth that they are the reliable government.The people believe in you,don't let them down.Continue the good work,distractions may come from within and outside,particularly from UMNO/BN,but be focus as the people are behind you all the way.

    My congratulations to PAS of Pakatan Rakyat in a well deserved victory in Permatang Pasir.

  12. Taniah kepada PKR Sabah yang telah mempunyai blog sendiri baru-baru ini. Harapan tinggi kepada pemimpin-pemimpin PKR. Saya tetap sokong PKR kerana isteri saya dan sahabatnya semua sokong PKR.

  13. Imagine if people of sabah and sarawak are as determined and strong as the people in permatang pasir,..... I salute the people of pematang pasir who have rejected BN paving way for a political transformation to PR Government. We are proud of you, people of pematang pasir. It is time for sabahan to stand united for change.

  14. Yes,I am all excited again.There seems to be a breath of fresh air again in PKR Sabah.Keep up the good work,this blog should have been here a long time ago.

    Thank you my brothers and sisters in Permatang Pasir.Yes,Sabahans the time has come,bury the past,the future looks bright.UMNO/BN is no longer invincible.There have been brought down in 7 by-elections.What does that tell you?Yes,the people has the power to effect changes.PKR IS OUR FUTURE.

  15. Majority of the people in the west malaysia have made up their mind to change the 50 years' old rotton and corrupt BN governmet to a new and progressive PR government. BN's same old tactics of showering money on election eve and promises of development are no longer attractive or acceptable to the people in the west. To them take BN money and ask for more from BN leaders but always vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Never in the history of malaysia that opposition could win 7 straight by-elections. Simply amazing and unprecedented. This goes to show people have rejected BN including Najib as PM. Sabah people must participate in the mainframe and take part in this political reform. PKR must work harder and move on and be ready for the next election. To the new PKR state leadership and senior PKR leaders, you have a duty to play by being there and we are watching you.

  16. I do hope that the spirit of change is blowing to Sabah real soon, let the election at Pamatang Pasir be the indicator that BN is no longer getting the support from the rakyat. They (BN) rae so proud that they had improved their votes from previous election. If not becuase of what they did the night before the election; just like always i bet the result can even be more dissapointing for BN. Their tactic, "Tabur dan menang" but as for PR our tectic is "gores dan menang"

    PKR leaders in Sabah, must look after your back, people are watching you, they want to know what is in your heart. They wanted to know if your struggle is really for PKR and for change. We do not want someone in the PKR currenlt line up may be BN spies! That is why we the rakyat want to keep a watchful eyes on all the current leaders. We want to take this fight towards the end, until and until change does prevail in Sabah!!!!!! So leaders watch it!

    Coffee shops are talking about people that are already or going to be positioned by BN into PKR. They will never succeeded. Because we are one in shouting the pledge for change.... so if you dare try la cuba?

    Coffee shops are talking too that these people are convenienly being placed. We as PKR supporters, we admited that we do not have the money to cheat like the BN did, we are hoping that this coming Raya we will getting some bonus. So these people that BN is planting sure lah got money.... so my fellow PKR supporters please be the eyes and the ears for our beloved party.

    Aduh... i am so thankful that this blog is now availabe for us, now leaders of PKR we too can help to be your eyes and ears... because we do not want si anai - anai makan dari dalam.

    Anyone sokong sia?

  17. Yes, we are watching PKR. Donot disappoint us again. No more personal agenda in PKR. To start with, I need not even mention any names here. Only committed leaders having priority in party's interest and people's wellbeing are respected and needed in PKR.

  18. No more internal problem in PKR please. We have enough of it. Tolong lah, jangan lagi.

  19. Ya sokong, no more internal problem, jangan sampai ada si anai-anai. Rumah nampak cantik, tiba-tiba roboh pula! Internal problem ini lah yang paya. Suami isteri kan juga ada pertelingkahannya, ba tolong lah bah oi.... leaders, jangan lagi yang mau angkat angakat bakul sendiri. together we stand, si anai-anai terus jadi umpan si ikan karuk!!!!

  20. Tolong lah, Dr Jeffrey jangan lagi buang masa dengan Herbert Timbong. Siapa ini Herbert?