Friday, August 21, 2009

We Know Who Is Our Common Enemy!

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Deputy Chairman of Sabah, Kong Hong Ming has categorically denied that he ever told fellow opposition Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) to "stop dreaming" that it (SAPP) can form the Government as a stand-alone party in the next elections.

“I categorically deny having given such statement or made any suggestion on SAPP as reported in a local newspaper on 20, August.

“It’s rather mischievous for whoever responsible for the said news report to unnecessarily put me or any other PKR leader at odd with any fellow opposition party, such as SAPP.

“In fact, my stand has been and still is that PKR leaders and members at all levels should maintain a friendly and cordial relationship with all opposition political parties, including SAPP. I reminded them as to who is the real opponent of Pakatan Rakyat,” he stressed.

He clarified this in a statement issued here today, adding that PKR leaders and supporters present in the dialogue session can always vouch that he did not make such statement as alleged.

“People who know me well would vouch that I would never say such thing,” he said.

Kong further noted that the gist of his message to party members during the recent dialogue session held in Kota Belud, was to remind them to focus and work hard to serve the people and strengthen the Party which now has the second largest number of MP in Parliament.

“Strengthening PKR is strengthening Pakatan Rakyat, as the sole national mainstream political entity in the opposition,” he said.

“It is within sight that Pakatan Rakyat will form the next government” Kong said.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat wishes all our Muslim brothers and sisters Selamat Berpuasa.


Timbalan Pengerusi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah, Kong Hong Ming menafikan laporan yang mengaitkan beliau dengan usaha untuk memperlagakan PKR dengan SAPP seperti yang terpapar pada sidang akbar tempatan bertarikh 20 August.

Menurut laporan, beliau telah menuduh Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) untuk “berhenti bermimpi” dari membentuk kerajaan tanpa kerjasama daripada Pakatan Rakyat di pilihanraya akan datang.

Beliau menafikan membuat sebarang kenyataan tersebut atau membuat cadangan seperti berikut ke atas SAPP yang sememangnya akan menimbulkan rasa kurang senang diantara persabahatan pemimpin PKR dengan komponent semua parti pembangkang, seperti SAPP.

“Saya percaya semua pemimpin PKR dan parti pembangkang yang lain bersetujuh, bahawa kita harus bersama-sama memperkasakan persahabatan antara komponent parti pembangkang termasuk SAPP dan menerajui tujuan utama perjuangan kita bersama dalam menyeru perjuangan menebus hak rakyat di Sabah dan memberikan peluang kita untuk bertukar!” Kata Beliau.

Beliau berpendapat bahawa kenyataan ini mungkin diperlagakan semasa ucapan beliau di Kota Belud baru-baru ini yang semata-mata untuk memupuk kerjasama dari semua pihak Komponent parti untuk fokus berkerja keras demi kepentingan rakyat dan memberi kepercayaan kepada PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat yang kini mewakili jumlah MP kedua terbesar di parliament.

“Memperkasakan PKR adalah usaha untuk memperkasakan Pakatan Rakyat, dan ini adalah saluran utama semua komponent parti pembangkang” Tambah Beliau.


  1. The Daily Express should be more responsible to verify their facts before blindly publishing.But there again,what do you expect from a paper that is under the grip of Musa Aman!!

    This paper is no better then Utusan.

  2. Kalau news ini melibatkan UMNO sia rasa, Penulis Akbar tu sudak lama kana, warning. Teruk lagi, Masuk ISA! Ini Malaysia ni semua pun boleh berlaku bah, macam reporter Perempuan di Semenanjung tu yang bernama Tan Hoon Cheng. Beliau telah di tuduh oleh pihak kerajaan untuk membuat hasutan di laporannya akhbar.

    Katapi nasib kau reporter... ini mengenai PKR kalau tidak adalah lagi headline bagus di Malaysia mengenai Kerajaan UMNO yang suka mau tangkap reporter.

    Malaysia Criticized for 'Ridiculous' Arrests

    Malaysia's ruling establishment faced fresh criticism Sunday after claiming that a journalist was detained under a draconian law for her own safety, with even a pro-government newspaper calling the explanation "most ridiculous."
    Tan Hoon Cheng, a reporter of the Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew, was arrested Friday under the Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial. She was, however, freed Saturday.
    An opposition lawmaker and the editor of a pro-opposition news Web site were also detained under the ISA on Friday, but have not been released.
    The action has drawn widespread criticism from opposition politicians, the Bar Council, human rights groups and now even by some in the government-controlled media.
    Tan's arrest "will go down in Malaysian history as the most controversial, if not most ridiculous," Wong Chun Wai, the editor of the influential Sunday Star, wrote in a signed opinion piece.
    The Star is owned by the Malaysian Chinese Association, the second largest party in the ruling coalition after Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's United Malays National Organization party.

  3. DE is Najib's 1Malaysia Newspaper, and fast becoming a boring parrot singing outsated songs. James, it is time to wake up and look around.

  4. Daily Express,once a creditable newspaper,now have become the stooge paper of UMNO/BN Sabah under the tight control of Musa Aman and his gang of crooks and con-artist.

    The Chief Editor has lost his professionalism,ethics and moral.The fact that he was given a JP is clear indications of his favour with UMNO/BN Sabah.The ultimate prize for shoe polishing.

    Anonymous above,no need for him to look around,he has already sold his soul.

  5. PKR is right. All opposition parties must know their common political enemy, BN and UMNO. Any opposition party acts inconsistent to the opposition common stand must be traeted by the sabah people with caution. All opposition parties must strengthen,uphold, defend and preserve the two parties system in PR and BN. There is no in between. No single political party in sabah can match the might of BN and UMNO. Not important whether Kong had or had not said what was reported in daily express, but that is painful truth that all opposition polical parties including SAPP has to agree.

  6. Rakyat sokong perjuangan PKR tetapi kebanyakan pemimipin dalam PKR 'PEMIMPIN BERMUSIM'.Sibuk masa pilihan raya sahaja dan kebanyakan pemimpinnya tidur. Sudah tiba masanya pemimpin2 PKR peringkat negeri maupun kawasan bangun dan bergerak untuk memperkukuhkan PKR. BN memang buruk tetapi apa pula kebaikan PKR jika pemimpinnya tidur sahaja.

  7. DE perlu mohon maaf

  8. Barisan kepimpinan baru PKR SABAH perllu bergerak aktif

  9. I can feel and sense some breath of fresh air in PKR sabah now. Keep up the effort.

  10. Like any sensible person, I strongly advocate the present of a strong, reliable, and stable opposition party in Sabah and in Malaysia in general. Such qualities of a political party would attract wide support from grass and high levels in the societies. PKR in Sabah, has yet to proof itself of the 3 prequisites mentioned above. Since the PKR ultimate objective is to win in the next elections, an ernest campaign must start now, and not to be wasting time what appears to be a smearing amongst the leaders.

  11. Anwar Ibrahim must know who are good leaders. Get rid of all those who are only interested in party position without making any effective contribution. Beware of those leaders who pretend to be working only during VIP visits. By the way, why PKR service centre in Luyang is closed every day?

  12. Kawan, you salah lah. Azmin Ali pernah dijemput ke service centre itu. Tetapi, setahusaya, pintu service centre itu sentiasa tutup 24 jam tiap tiap hari. Mungkin service centre itu khas untuk lawatan VIP PKR yang datang dari Kuala Lumpur dan bukan untuk rakyat.

  13. There are probably hundred of individuals or intellect out there to support PKR but are sigh to come in the open. This is an asset to the party and needed to be tapped. Firstly identify them, address and contact.Secondly send an invitation to them when the occassion arises such as visits of PKR top leaders. The recent visit by Zaid Ibrahim was one of the timely opportunity for such invitation.

  14. I do not think PKR leaders are interested to work hard to become the next sabah state government. Why? Most of their ketua bahagian and so-called strong leaders are sleeping until the eve of the next state election. May be they are just taking a wait and see attitude for UMNO to buy them. Or, they have been bought by UMNO already? I hope I am wrong.

  15. Berhati-hati orang UMNO susah dalam PKR? Mengapa susah jadi ahli PKR?

  16. Tidak susah jadi ahli PKR,yang susah ialah apabila jadi ahli mcm2 permintaan...mau jawatan lah,mau jadi calon lah,tidak dapat keluar dari PKR pula.Sebelum kita jadi ahli PKR,hayatilah perjuangan parti itu.

  17. PKR has a few leaders holding the party in ransom and making all sorts of selfish demands for themself. It is better for these leaders to leave PKR now than later when they donot get what they want. No one is indispensable, not even Tun M.

  18. You should name who are these leaders?

  19. No need to name lah. Open secret. We all know who were these leaders practiceing the divide and rule game and wanting to become the head. Thank you but no more.